Jeremy Lin: Top 10 Plays from New York Knicks PG So Far This Season

Adam Friedgood@AfriedgoodContributor IIIFebruary 15, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Top 10 Plays from New York Knicks PG So Far This Season

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    You have to be living under a rock if you're not aware of the "Linsanity" surrounding the New York Knicks the past week and a half. 

    Before the New York Knicks started using Jeremy Lin as their primary point guard six games ago, they only had a 8-15 record and looked doomed for more failure with Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony expected to miss several games apiece. 

    Lin came in and saved the day for the Knicks, taking the entire league by storm and turning himself into the most popular player in the NBA. The past six games, Lin is averaging an unbelievable 26.8 points and 8.5 assists per game. He has scored more points in his first five career starts than any other player since the NBA-ABA merger back in 1976.

    Jeremy Lin has won over fans and analysts all over the country due to his speculator play, basically out of nowhere.

    Here are the top 10 plays from Jeremy Lin's short career so far with the New York Knicks. 

10. Lin with the Scoop Layup

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    As Walt Clyde would say, "Lin was swooping and hooping" during this play. I like how he recognized there was a mismatch with a bigger man on him, so he took him off the dribble.

9. Lin Fools John Wall

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    Usually the defensive player is the one boxing his man out, not the offensive player. Lin did a great job during this play of using his body to seal John Wall off behind him and not allowing him to get between Lin and the basket to affect his shot. 

8. Lin's and-One Versus the Lakers

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    I don't know which part of this play was more impressive. Was it the fact that he blew past Steve Blake with one quick ball fake or that he was able to finish the shot in the paint with contact?

7. Lin Blows Past Rubio

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    Ricky Rubio leads all rookies in steals this season, but he couldn't stay with Jeremy Lin on this play. Not only did Lin get into the paint with ease, but he found Chandler for the easy dunk when the defense rolled over to stop him. 

6. Lin Hits the Step-Back Jumper

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    I didn't know Lin had this move in him before this play. This crossover and step-back jumper by Lin to shake his defender definitely got me off my couch.

5. Lin with a Reverse Lay-Up

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    Lin has been extremely nifty around the rim and is definitely not afraid to take it at a bigger defender. He has amazing body control and always shoots in a way that makes it extremely difficult for his defender to block him. 

4. Lin Completes an and-One to Tie the Game

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    Lin completely took over this fourth quarter, matching the Raptors in points, 12-12. This and-one was an extremely clutch play that tied the game for the Knicks after they trailed by as much as nine with under four minutes remaining. 

3. Lin's Spinning Layup

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    Derrick Fisher did not see this spin move coming at all. He didn't move from the spot he was standing in and could only turn around to watch Lin complete the fancy lay-in. 

2. Jeremy Lin Takes Flight

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    I believe this flying slam is Lin's only dunk as a Knick so far. Until this throwdown, I didn't even know Lin was capable of dunking at all. I hope this dunk wasn't just a fluke and we will see more high-flying plays out of him as the season progresses.  

1. Lin Drills the Game-Winner

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    All of the other plays on the list that were great, but this shot really made a statement for Jeremy Lin. Any last doubter now has nothing negative to say about the undrafted point guard from Harvard.

    He has proven he belongs in the NBA and is here to stay.