NHL Trade Deadline: The Trouble with Rumors

Adam LangerCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2012

Remember that time I got the Sedins? See, I'm a great GM.
Remember that time I got the Sedins? See, I'm a great GM.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Like many of you reading this, I’m a pretty passionate hockey fan. I follow my team closely and eat up every bit of news I possibly can. Tweets, blogs, podcasts, you name it, I’m on top of it. Any word of injuries, signings, trades and call-ups and I’m researching right away.

Sounds like many hockey fans, I’m sure, but here’s the problem: they drive me crazy. I devour them like Brad Marchand shoots tequila, and am left with a similar empty feeling afterward. I’ve gained nothing by reading them, just temporary excitement, followed by the realization that I’ve wasted time and brain cells.

Take today, for example. One of the hottest rumors out there right now is that Rick Nash is on the move. In the past 10 minutes I read two very sure-sounding posts about his destination, one claiming he was on the way to Broadway, the other very certain that a deal with LA had been made. Is it possible that one of these rumors will turn out to be true? Sure, but certainly not both, and most likely neither.

And still I read every word, knowing full well that the words I was reading were as well thought out as the Twilight series. This seems to be the case with many so-called “rumors.” A hockey fan looks at a few players that may be available and starts matching up players seemingly at random, only stopping to make sure the trade fits salary cap requirements.

Recently a friend sent me the following trade “rumor:”

Vancouver trades Roberto Luongo and Kevin Bieksa to Washington for Alex Semin, Dennis Wideman, and Michal Neuvirth

The Canucks have said time and time again that they have no plans on moving either goalie, and there should be no reason to believe otherwise. The consensus is that they need to get tougher, and I doubt that losing Bieksa for Semin is that solution. This appears to be a response to the “Semin will be moved out of Washington” rumors, which have been going on for a number of seasons now.


My biggest problem with the plethora of rumors that emerge every season around this time is that they’re sort of like New Year’s Eve: a lot of hype, but usually a pretty big letdown. Ever since the salary cap came into effect, it has been a lot harder to make blockbuster deals happen in the middle of the season, so we should not expect a large number of them at the deadline.

So here’s my advice: by all means, read and discuss rumors as often as you'd like, but put some thought into what you’re reading. Odds are most of them have no basis and will bring you closer to insanity faster than a Jersey Shore marathon. And please, for the sake of the sanity of your fellow fans, please do not post trades that you’ve made on NHL12 and post them, claiming that they’re rumors or actual possibilities.

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