Denver Broncos Valentine's Day Special: 5 Reasons to Love the Broncos

Adam OdekirkContributor IIFebruary 14, 2012

Denver Broncos Valentine's Day Special: 5 Reasons to Love the Broncos

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    In honor of Valentine's Day, and in an effort to take a break from the grind that has already become the NFL offseason's draft projections and free-agent speculations, why not take a moment to remember why we love the Denver Broncos?

    Stop and smell the roses a little bit and think about the good times of the past, the records, the awards and the promise for the future of this prosperous little franchise nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

    When you actually stop and think about it, it's simple to see why it's easy to love the Broncos. So, please take a little break from the serious business of thinking about the 2012 version of this squad and reflect on all that is good about the Denver Broncos.

    Maybe, if the Valentine's spirit catches you right, you can leave some reasons in the comments about why you love the Denver Broncos.

The Mile High Magic

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    The magic is back in Denver and at no time was it more evident than on the first play of overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the AFC Wild Card Game in Denver.

    It was a fitting pinnacle to a season that defied all logic and had experts and fanatics alike agreeing that only some kind of "magic" could produce the kind of results that were taking place for the Broncos.

    Even though it may be too far back for some fans to remember, the "Mile High Magic" can be traced back to the days when a quarterback wearing No. 7 took the team to its first Super Bowl, and it wasn't John Elway.

    The uniforms, players and stadium have changed over the years, but the magic has followed along.

No. 7 Is Back on the Job

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    For years Denver was labeled as a place no QB could come in and survive in the shadow of John Elway, who is not only the greatest Bronco to ever wear the Orange and Blue, but maybe one of the best of all time in the NFL.

    The truth in that statement may never truly be determined as now whoever attempts to walk the path to greatness that Elway trod before will do it with Elway as his guide.

    At a time when the franchise seemed to be at one of its lowest points, Elway reappeared as if it were the fourth quarter and the team was down by six, and if this past season was any indication, the scoring drive has begun.

    So take heart, Denver fans, for though he is no longer leading from the field, No. 7 is still burning to take this franchise to the top.

Opponents Still Can't Handle Being at 5,280 Feet

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    It's a staple of a broadcast in Denver to focus the cameras tightly on opposing teams sucking oxygen from the tanks on their sideline while the Broncos seem unaffected.

    Simply walking through the tunnels of Sports Authority Field offers a constant reminder that "You are a Mile High" with the words emblazoned on the walls, as if the burning in the lungs of opponents could mean anything else.

    It's a scientific fact that the Broncos have an altitude advantage, and that is something that other teams just cannot boast. 

Six AFC Championships

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    Count them up and that is third only behind the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots (who only just recently made that ascension). 

    Since 1977, the Denver Broncos have been a consistently competitive franchise with Super Bowl appearances in three of the last five decades, and even though the sting of defeat in some of those championship games was painful, the Cleveland Browns would have traded places with Denver in a heartbeat if they'd had the opportunity.

    Being a Broncos fan is not a life of despondency and torture waiting forever just to taste the sweetness of playoff football. Instead, it is a constant expectation of games in January and the hope that our next slide will have more company in the future.

Super Bowl XXXII and Super Bowl XXXIII

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    This story could have had been told in a completely sarcastic manner if it weren't for the two Lombardi Trophies on display in Pat Bowlen's office.

    Those shining silver beacons prove that time and emotions invested in the Denver Broncos can be, and have been, rewarded.

    It seemed like an achievement that may never be meant for Denver after four crushing defeats, but two special Sundays are now forever woven into the collective memories of Broncos fans.

    Some fans in the NFL have still never felt the triumph and joy that comes along with a parade down the main streets of their city, but thanks to the Denver Broncos, that is not an experience that Denver residents need to imagine.