1. If Brock Osweiler remains the Broncos' QB, is Denver big enough for Peyton and Elway? We'll assess on @nflnetwork in a few @NFLGameDay

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  4. #Broncos John Elway "Vernon Davis hasn't slowed down a bit." -- remember #49ers and DEN had joint practices earlier this year.

  5. So that's about three times that #Broncos John Elway brought up the speed of TE Vernon Davis, expect him to rip seams for DEN offense

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  8. If you're a Broncos fan, how can you not love John Elway as a GM? Super aggressive, trying to seize opportunity.

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  13. So John Elway tried to get last piece for SB now but didn't want to leave Broncos in bad spot after this year. #9news #9sports #worthatry

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  19. Denver Broncos GM, @JohnElway, will join @BobPapa_NFL and @ShannonSharpe tomorrow on TOD at 10:45 AM EST!

  20. Denver Broncos GM, @johnelway, will join @BobPapa_NFL and @ShannonSharpe tomorrow on TOD at 10:45 AM EST!

  21. Coming up this hour with @ShannonSharpe and @BobPapa_NFL the @Broncos General Manager and @ProFootballHOF QB #JohnElway

  22. Hear how @Broncos GM John Elway feels Vernon Davis will help them & how Peyton is getting comfortable in new offense https://t.co/Mam0hF2oO4

  23. John Elway and Bill Polian chatting it up in the end zone as the Broncos and Colts warm up.

  24. John Elway and Bill Polian talking in the corner of an end zone.

  25. In all honesty, it's really sad to see Peyton's career end like this. You'll always remember John Elway as a champion b/c went out on top.

  26. After a busy few days, @BroncosTV gets inside access to #Broncos EVP/GM @johnelway WATCH https://t.co/D8jb9GzJE3 https://t.co/kucUOadKjT

  27. Manning's 57 consecutive regular-season starts for #Broncos is team record. Streak ends Sunday. Elway No. 2 w/47 consec. starts ('89-'92).

  28. #Bears OC Adam Gase on what he learned from John Elway with #Broncos: "How to work with quarterbacks and put them in the best situations."