Giving Valentine's Day Candy Hearts to Andrew Luck and Other Athletes We Love

Soven Bery@@realsovenberySenior Analyst IFebruary 13, 2012

Giving Valentine's Day Candy Hearts to Andrew Luck and Other Athletes We Love

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    Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the ones we love. But if you're a super-sports nerd and only need fall Sundays, March evenings and long summer days to find love—then Valentine's Day isn't your holiday. That is where this article comes into play. 

    Instead of giving those famous candy hearts to loved ones, we can just send them to our favorite athletes. 

    Here are the candy hearts we want to give to the athletes we love. 

You Are Number One!

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    Andrew Luck

    Right now it is a given fact that the Stanford legend will be taken number one overall in this spring's NFL draft. He is the best quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning, and he should be a sure start come this fall. 

    Luck will help the Colts get a jump-start on the rebuilding process. He has been given more hype then a Kardashian sister and is a sure bet at going number one. 

Be Mine

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    Peyton Manning 

    With so many NFL teams looking for the services of a functioning quarterback, the elder Manning is bound to get this famous candy heart from someone. 


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    Eli Manning 

    The Manning household should be expecting a lot of candy hearts this year. But by beating Tom Brady twice in the Super Bowl, Eli has finally proved that he is elite. 


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    Jeremy Lin

    If you haven't heard of Lin by now, please step out from under the rock in which you were living in. In this past week, the undrafted kid out of Harvard has been lighting up Madison Square Garden. 

    With every point he scores, Lin captures a nation and makes us believe in the power of dreams. Surely, he will get a lot of valentines this year. 


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    Wes Welker 

    I'm going to hell for this one. 

Brooklyn Loves You

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    Dwight Howard 

    "OMG, did you hear that the Nets have like the biggest crush on Dwight?" 

    But in all seriousness, the New Jersey Nets have been pushing to acquire D12 and have not been discreet about it. Sure, there are lots of suitors for the star center. Just trade in Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles or Dallas and that heart works. 

Franchise Player

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    LeBron James

    Say what you want about James, but no one plays the game of basketball quite like him. He is by far the best player to build a franchise around. I'm not guaranteeing he will stay, but he is the most complete player in the game.

    LeBron can put up points, but also pass the ball to make players around him better. James can also play shutdown defense and grab rebounds.

    The Cavaliers lost their franchise player, and it hurt them in a big way. 


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    Mariano Rivera

    No one is more clutch then Mo. He is the greatest reliever in baseball history, racking up 600+ career saves.

    But, if you can believe it, Rivera is even better in the postseason. The Yankee great has a 0.70 ERA and an outstanding 42-of-43 converted save opportunities. The postseason is where the real pressure starts up, and Rivera has been clutch regardless.