Tottenham Hotspur: Why Jose Mourinho Won't Be the Manager Next Season

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IFebruary 11, 2012

Jose Mourinho
Jose MourinhoDenis Doyle/Getty Images

While the debate of Harry Redknapp managing England rages, another debate is emerging from the Capello debacle: the possibility of Jose Mourinho managing the Tottenham Hotspur should Redknapp accept the English job.

Nathan Judah wrote a great article on the reasons why Mourinho will be Spurs Manager next season. The decision was made to write about why Mourinho will not be Spurs Manager after Redknapp.

In order to write about Mourinho and the Spurs, what transpired has to be addressed. The prediction would follow the scenario with added surprises as a bonus.

The Scenario

Mike Calvin and Les Roopanarine wrote about Mourinho and the Spurs in the Life's A Pitch website. According to the article, Redknapp will most likely replace Fabio Capello as manager of England for Euro 2012 and beyond.

The departure of Redknapp from the Spurs will leave the managerial post vacant. Jose Mourinho is under pressure from Real Madrid second to the club's inability to defeat FC Barcelona.

Jose Mourinho has also expressed a desire to leave Real Madrid and return to the Premier League. Martin Lipton (Daily Mirror) claimed (in the article published in Life's A Pitch) that the Spurs should talk with Mourinho about his future.

The idea of Mourinho managing the Spurs is a possibility should Redknapp leave. The only brake in this scenario is if Mourinho is interested in Chelsea FC.


According to Give Me Football, Andre Villas-Boas has not been a success as Chelsea manager. Roman Abramovich (Chelsea Owner) is losing patience with Villas-Boas and may consider Mourinho.


The Prediction

Redknapp will leave the Spurs and manage England starting with the next EPL season. It appears that he is the obvious choice for England instead of Pearce.

Stuart Pearce is beginning to become a liability as interim England manager. ESPN Soccernet published an article about an alleged racist incident involving him.

England is calling Redknapp, and he will feel the pressure to help his country for the Euro 2012 and 2014 FIFA World Cup. What about the future of Mourinho?

Mourinho will leave Real Madrid at the end of the current La Liga season. He will accept the post of Chelsea manager at Abramovich's invitation.

The Spurs' managerial position could be open to David Moyes according to Martin Lipton of the Daily Mirror.  The comments by Mr. Lipton were published in Life's A Pitch along with his comments about Mourinho.


The predictions are based on a personal opinion. It remains to be seen what will transpire.