New England Patriots: Gisele's Comments Ring True or No One Would Be Upset

Jennifer Juneau@jenniferjuneau1Contributor IIIFebruary 8, 2012

What's wrong with defending your man?
What's wrong with defending your man?

Enough already, give the girl a break.

Not to fear: This isn't an article on sisterhood, just an objective perspective on Gisele Bundchen's comments to a New York Giants fan, in which she said, "My husband cannot f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

At first when I saw the video of Tom Brady's Mrs. bashing his teammates I took to social networking to get reactions, for this statement was surely an impromptu declaration of love and dedication.

It may have been embarrassing for her to slam the quarterback's teammates in public, not any more than he should criticize her ultra-skinny barely-there counterparts at a fashion show, but she is entitled to her opinion and her right to speak. After all, it is a free country, isn't it?

An ethical one, while doing so, is a different question.

Whether or not the comments and her big swear word hurt her husband is an issue for the couple. But if his teammates hold what she said against him you've got to wonder how thin the thread of loyalty is.

Is he responsible for her actions? After all, Brady didn't say it.

Her view was not as over the top as the majority would like to think, but it seems there is nothing else to think about except what Gisele Bundchen thinks about the New England Patriots

If she had solely said that Brady carried the team without mentioning his receivers, as they say the Giants' Eli Manning did, it would be another story. You can credit one person with a positive play, but you can't discredit any blunder, which seems hypocritical.

Enlighten me, please.

No man is bigger than any team, but they aren't any smaller, either. The team is in it together and what Gisele most likely meant was Brady's teammates weren't in it together as they should have been.

It is a team effort yes, but this is not what rocked the public about what Gisele said, and it wasn't simply her disrespect for her husband and his teammates.

So wake up.

The bitter pill Patriots fans found hard to swallow was the "what does a pretty face know about football?" one. Another might be "what right does she have to criticize?"

Had a football critic, fan or journalist fumbled the exact words the pretty face did, it wouldn't be as big an issue.

In fact, I have heard fans scream in dissatisfaction over fumbles, sacking and interceptions. And so what? Fans are passionate. Gisele is passionate. And by the public's perturbation over what she said, Gisele is also very powerful.

(Although she sports a frame probably one-hundreth of their weight, and a bank account proportionately larger than one would like to acknowledge.)

Had Gisele been interviewed and asked her opinion I do not believe she would have answered as spontaneously in a negative light. (See under the surface, folks.)

It wasn't even an answer, but more a reaction amidst "Eli rules!" chants from Giants fans. 

A sports journalist living in Switzerland for more than a decade, I watch and cover the other kind of football. I haven't seen an NFL game in ages, although I managed to watch the Super Bowl in pieces through the night, from midnight to 4 a.m., hitting the remote control on and off at intervals.

Each time the TV lit up the room I was faced with either commercials or commentators, which reminded me why I fell for world football. (Not to mention the stopping of the clock every few seconds made me want to rip out my hair.)

But having grown up outside New York City and supporting the Giants my whole life (my older sister actually dated running back Charlie Evans in the '70s) I had to sacrifice sleep to witness them through as champions against New England once again.

After all this drama, I'll stick to world football, thanks very much. No doubt there is drama there, too, but most fall into the clutches of the players themselves, and it's remarkably entertaining.