Jeremy Lin Rap Video: Watch Clever Song About New York Knicks Hottest New Player

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2012

Jeremy Lin has to be loving life right now, as he's been the talk of the NBA. Now, his popularity has reached new heights with a song dedicated to him. 

The point guard has become a huge sensation in New York after having back-to-back stellar performances to help lead the Knicks to victory. Now, he has a rap song named after him, which is proof that when you shine bright in the Big Apple, people are going to love you. 

The song is from a guy who goes by Mega Ran, and his YouTube page for the video says it "started as a freestyle." 

Mega Ran only came up with the lyrics, as the beat belongs to to someone else. 

In his past two games, the young point guard from Harvard scored an average of 26.5 points and 7.5 assists.

Lin is taking control of the offense while others are hurt, which is why he has Knicks fans so excited. He came from out of nowhere and is stepping up for his team against strong NBA players. 

On Wednesday, Lin will get another chance to keep performing at a high level, and surely, this rap tribute to him has to put a smile to his face.

The Knicks will hit the road to play the Washington Wizards, and all eyes will be on Lin to see how he plays as a starter outside of Madison Square Garden. 

There's no doubt that Lin will keep giving it his all, especially since he has so much support from the fanbase. He's helping the team out when they need it most, which is why he's so widely popular. 

The Knicks are struggling this year, but the rise of Lin has given the fans great joy. New York loves him, and this rap video is just further proof.


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