Miami Marlins: 10 Reasons Team Will Regret Signing Ozzie Guillen

Pete Schauer@@Pete_SchauerCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2012

Miami Marlins: 10 Reasons Team Will Regret Signing Ozzie Guillen

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    Ozzie Guillen is not the right manager to head the Miami Marlins.

    After being let go in Chicago, Guillen will bring his rambunctious mouth and mediocre managing resume to a brand new franchise, hoping to start fresh in a brand new stadium.

    Miami has been cooking on the hot stove, signing Jose Reyes to a six-year, $106 million deal.

    They've also acquired Guillen's former ace in Chicago Mark Buehrle, as well as closer Heath Bell.

    The Marlins appear to be a much improved team on paper, but the weakest aspect of the team is its manager.

    Here are 10 reasons Guillen will prove to be a mistake in Miami: 

Questionable Decisions

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    It's no secret that the Chicago White Sox had a rocky season in 2011.

    But it's Ozzie Guillen's questionable decision that makes this hiring skeptical.

    What am I referring to?

    It could be the fact that Guillen has a habit of playing too much small ball and ignoring pitching matchups.

    Or perhaps it's moving captain Paul Konerko into the third spot in the lineup to make sure that the team's most productive hitter got the most at-bats.

    That's good.

    But moving a slumping Adam Dunn into the cleanup position behind Konerko is not.

    Dunn had the worst season of his career in 2011, hitting a pitiful .159 and slugging a mere .277 in his first season in Chicago.

    Way to go, Ozzie. 

Allegations of Quitting

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    One of the biggest story lines surrounding Guillen is his beef with Jake Peavy.

    The war of words between the two focuses on the subject of who quit on whom.

    Peavy stated that Ozzie quit on him during the season when he was shut down and then proceeded to quit on the team during the last two games of the season.

    The same can be said for Guillen, who reportedly was never a fan of Peavy or his injuries.

    As the manager of a brand new franchise, Guillen shouldn't be taking shots at players in public.

    Regardless, it's never a good sign when a player complains that a manager quit on him or his team, and a new franchise has no room for a quitter.

He's Selfish

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    During the worst managerial performance of his entire career—the White Sox finished third in the division at 79-83—Ozzie Guillen had the nerve to ask for a contract extension.

    This is the same guy who calls for Gordon Beckham and Alexei Ramirez to bunt even though they're terrible at it and have shown hitting potential. 

    Guillen reportedly stated that he wouldn't be back in Chicago if he wasn't awarded a contract extension because, “It would mean they don’t want me."

    Well, you were right Ozzie. They don't want you.

    Players are often scrutinized for discussing contract negotiations during the season, and it's no different for managers.

    Who knows, maybe he'll pull the same stunt in 2016 with Michael Hill when his contract in Miami expires.

Trouble Managing Pitchers

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    Ozzie Guillen is a well known slave to the righty-righty/lefty-lefty pitching matchup and his pitchers usually rank among the top in the league in terms of innings pitched.

    Now is this due to them being work horses or the mismanagement on Guillen's part?

    Probably a little bit of both.

    The Chicago White Sox led the league in pitchers who threw over 200 innings in 2006, with four. 

    Note that after Garcia logged back-to-back 200-plus inning seasons from 2005-2006, he pitched a combined 129 innings from 2007-2009 due to a shoulder injury.  

Too Outspoken

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    If you know anything about Ozzie Guillen or baseball in general, you know he's one of the most outspoken members of the sports world.

    I don't think it's necessary to highlight all of Guillen's sound bites throughout his managerial career.

    Just go to YouTube and type in his name. You'll see what I'm talking about.

    Guillen's latest rant come via Twitter on Jan. 20, when he responded to Jake Peavy's comments that he quit on the White Sox.

    Here are some of his tweets:

    "People want me to look bad but I so honest i wiil saynthe real true put u seat belt on"

    "I will kill peoples fellings no mercy i turn the page but they no let me a long then get ready going to be bad"

    "Iam out the country now but i never quit in anything yes be ready when i talk going to be fun"

    "When i get to chitown lets make one thing clear what happen last day whit the sox stay tune"

    Looks like Ozzie could use some typing skills too. 

Non-Tolerant of Bad Team/Player Performance

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    Numerous times we've seen Ozzie Guillen use the media as an outlet to publicly berate his players and team as a whole.

    So why would he change his ways in Miami?

    Guillen will be managing two high maintenance players in Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez, who both happen to play the same position.

    It's been reported that Ramirez doesn't want to move over to third base to accommodate the newly acquired Reyes.

    With that being said, it should be interesting to see how Guillen handles the two All-Stars, or better yet, which media outlet he uses to reprimand them.

Trouble with Co-Workers

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    Guillen's issues with GM Kenny Williams and pitching coach Don Cooper are well-documented.

    Of course, Guillen's beef with Williams is in regards to a contract extension and what would culminate into the demise of Guillen's coaching career in Chicago.

    Guillen also has issues with Cooper, saying that he backstabbed fellow White Sox coaches by signing an extension but only after Cooper told a Chicago radio station that Guillen told Williams to let the coaching staff "sweat it out."

    Guillen continues to display his unprofessional qualities by airing out internal business with the media. 

    Only time will tell if Michael Hill and Randy St. Claire can stand Guillen.

    Good luck, boys.

He's an Average Manager

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    Statistics don't lie.

    In eight seasons of managing the White Sox, Guillen sported a 678-617 (52.4 percentage) record.

    In other words, he's average.

    Yes, he won a World Series title and was voted AL Manager of the Year in 2005.

    But 2005 was the only pennant that Guillen brought to the city of Chicago.

    Aside from 2005, Guillen never managed a team that won more than 90 games in a season. There were also four seasons where Chicago finished third or worse in the division and three seasons of more losses than wins.

    The Miami Marlins could have found a better manager to start its franchise. 

He's Doubtful of His Own Performance

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    After a dreadful 2011 season, Ozzie Guillen began to second-guess himself.

    Guillen reportedly had this to say about last season:

    "It makes you wonder if you're that good. That makes you wonder if you're managing well, if my coaching staff did their job."

    In those two sentences, Guillen not only called out his coaching staff, but his own coaching as well.

    So here's your future Miami.

    A boisterous, average manager who isn't completely sure of his managing capabilities. 

He's Not the Right Manager to Head a New Franchise

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    Why did the Miami Marlins think Ozzie Guillen was the right man to head a brand new franchise?

    He comes with an attitude problem, a loud mouth and an average win percentage.

    He just left a city where he publicly feuded with a star pitcher and his GM.

    The guy has more expletive sound bites than your average hip-hop artist.

    A franchise trying to put itself on the map and earn respect in the MLB should do it with class and winning—things Guillen doesn't have much of a background in.

    Guillen will surely draw attention to the new franchise with his big mouth and Twitter account, but there's no indication he'll bring a title to Miami.