Los Angeles Clippers: Blake Griffin's Top 7 Most Posterizing Dunks This Season

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IFebruary 6, 2012

Los Angeles Clippers: Blake Griffin's Top 7 Most Posterizing Dunks This Season

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    Blake Griffin has already been having one of the most memorable basketball seasons to date—especially when it comes to dunking.

    Griffin has been lighting up defenses with his powerful slam dunks all year. During every Los Angeles Clippers game, it is a lock that Griffin is going to throw down an amazing dunk on or around another player on the opposing team. Griffin was throwing down on teams last year as a rookie, but dunking became easier for Griffin with the addition of Chris Paul

    Highlight reels from around the country have been full of Blake Griffin's dunks so far this year. Most basketball players seldom make the highlights with a glamorous dunk in their whole career—Griffin has had more than 15 in a year-and-a-half in his young career.

    Here is a list of the seven-best dunks Blake Griffin has had so far in the 2011-2012 campaign. 

Griffin Double Clutches Around Andrew Bynum

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    This dunk by Griffin showed how athletic he can be. Griffin passed by Pau Gasol and double pumped around Andrew Bynum for the jam before the second half against the Lakers

    The Clippers and Lakers will have a stronger rivalry for years to come. Expect Griffin to try to pump life into his team with a dunk like this every time. 

Griffin Slams It Home off a Chris Paul Lob

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    In this incredible dunk against the Jazz, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul justify all the new nicknames their team has been given. 

    As long as Paul and Griffin are healthy, expect for a couple of lobs to be thrown Griffin's way during every game this season.

Griffin Makes Miami Feel the Heat

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    It is definitely getting hot in Los Angeles with this dunk. Griffin receives the lob from Paul again for a great dunk against the Heat. Defenders are obviously trying to get out of Griffin's way like Mario Chalmers did. 

    Griffin might not always dunk one in someone's face, but he will dunk behind a player just as easily. Although Chalmers got out of the way here, he undoubtedly has become one of Blake Griffin's dunk victims.  

Griffin Dazzles the Lakers

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    It seems like Griffin really likes putting on a show against the Lakers. 

    Griffin's dunk here was all power as he clutches the ball and bulldozes his way to the hoop amidst the tough defense from Matt Barnes. 

Griffin Dunks off Mavericks Via Lob from Randy Foye

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    "Lob City" is living up to its name here again, this time against the Mavericks. Luckily for Griffin, he has four point guards who are more than capable of putting him in a position to dunk on another team. This time Randy Foye threw the ball in the air for Griffin and Griffin delivered the only way he knew now. 

    Blake Griffin does not care who lobs the ball to him, as long as Griffin is able to slam it home, then he will be one happy camper. 

Griffin Dunks on the Nets

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    The Nets defense is Swiss cheese and Griffin was a cheese knife here. 

    One of the worst decisions a team can make is allowing Griffin to get inside the paint with no one in front of him.

    Griffin already has an easy time throwing it down on a team when he has a defender in front of him, so why leave him open on the way to the basket? I guess teams just don't want to see their players on posters for the wrong reasons. 

Griffin Makes Kendrick Perkins Famous

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    The dunk heard around the world. Even though we are almost at the All-Star break in the NBA, this was the best dunk of the year.

    This dunk is incredible not only because of the dunk itself, but because it came against the best team in the West and arguably the NBA. Kendrick Perkins is a great defensive player, and unlike other incredible dunks like this, Griffin was able to dunk on someone with the talent level of Perkins. 

    It would be recommended to get used to this moment in NBA history because this dunk will be on highlight reels forever. 


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