Washington Redskins: 5 Reasons Quarterback Matt Flynn Must Be in DC Next Season

Zach Campbell@@newvalleybluesCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2012

Washington Redskins: 5 Reasons Quarterback Matt Flynn Must Be in DC Next Season

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    There are plenty of them out there and the Washington Redskins need one. After a dreadful 2011 season, Washington needs to find genuine talent to put under center.  

    The NFL draft offers some enticing candidates to take over signal-calling duties in D.C. but there are also talented quarterbacks to be sought in free agency.  

    Matt Flynn has proven that he can put up numbers.  

    While some would argue that he is still unproven with only two starts under his belt, there's no denying that he has the talent to step into a starting role and lead a team into the playoffs.

    Here are five reasons why Matt Flynn would be the perfect guy to have in D.C. in 2012.

He Learned from the Best

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    Matt Flynn is going to earn a promotion to a starting spot soon.  

    One of the biggest reasons for his ascension is the fact that he had the chance to be an understudy to perhaps the best quarterback in the game, Aaron Rodgers.  

    Behind Rodgers, Flynn has been able to take notes on how a high-octane offense should run. Green Bay has been the best football team in the NFL for the past two seasons (no offense to the Giants) and having a front-row seat to its inner-workings has helped shape Flynn as a future starter in the NFL. 

    Just as Aaron Rodgers emerged from Brett Favre's shadow and became the toast of Green Bay, Matt Flynn will take his talents elsewhere and start making headlines on his own.  

    Simply put—when you learn from the best, you become the best.

We Know He Can Put Up Numbers

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    On January 1st, 2012, Green Bay squared off against the resurgent Detroit Lions.  

    Having the playoffs already locked, Aaron Rodgers took the day off and let Matt Flynn handle the day's quarterbacking duties. 

    It was a great choice.  

    Matt Flynn had an All-Pro day passing for 480 yards and six touchdowns on 31/44 throwing.  Like I said, those are All-Pro numbers, the type that would make any top-tier quarterback smile.  

    This game has since been analyzed to the point of exhaustion. Namely, because no one can decide if this was a legitimate showing of a quarterback ready to takeover or just a bad day for the Lions and thus inflated numbers on Flynn's part. 

    Whatever the case, the box numbers don't lie. Matt Flynn proved that when given the chance, he can truly shine in his own right. 

Flynn Is Young and Hungry: 2 Things the Redskins Need in a Quarterback

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    As most of us well know, the Redskins have often staked their reputation on a high-dollar veteran who is meant to come in and single-handedly change the fortunes of D.C.'s favorite team.  

    The results have been well-documented.  

    The most recent failed experiment involved former Philadelphia Eagle star Donovan McNabb.  

    In his one season in Washington, McNabb looked uninspired and the mobile, big-armed quarterback that helmed all those great Eagle's teams seemed to disappear before our eyes under Shanahan's watch.  

    The thing about Matt Flynn is that he's young—only 26. Youth is a must when the 'Skins go quarterback shopping. Youth means time and time means a high ceiling and potential for even greater development.  

    Youth generally means tenacity as well. While the McNabbs and Haynesworths of the world were gigantic wastes of cap space, Flynn would arrive in Washington ready to win at all costs. He wouldn't buck at Kyle Shanahan's system and would go all-out, all the time.  

    We need a quarterback who can build a legacy in D.C. Matt Flynn seems to possess the intangibles that would allow him to do so.  

He's Already a Winner

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    When Matt Flynn walks into the team complex at Redskins park in Ashburn, Va., he'll be bringing with him more than just his big arm.

    Having played on a Super Bowl team, Flynn knows the expectations and the sacrifices involved with winning big.  

    D.C. has not had a signal caller in some time who brings with him the championship pedigree that Matt Flynn has. Washington hasn't had a winning mentality in, well, a good while. That changes when the right players with the right mentality get plugged-in. 

    Language, attitude, confidence—they're all generative. Matt Flynn would help to inspire and re-energize an offense that has been longing to establish some type of identity.  

    Matt Flynn is probably aching for a chance to start building his own legacy.

    What better way to start than by coming in and helping the Redskins regroup and finding some swagger.  

Picking Up Flynn Is a Better Plan Than Mortgaging the Draft for RGIII

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    Wow, I can't believe I said that. 

    But it is true and it makes too much sense to ignore. Picking up Matt Flynn on a free agent contract would be a far less expensive endeavor than stacking the deck and signing Robert Griffin III on a huge rookie deal.

    Everyone knows that Dan Snyder's pockets are deep. While he would be able to flip the bill for RGIII, it would come at great expense and that's especially true of the NFL draft.

    It would be a feat in and of itself just to be able to move into position to get Griffin. Then there's the issue of dollar amount.

    With Matt Flynn, you get a free agent that has yet to establish himself as a starter. Basically, Flynn could probably come at a bargain. It's a situation of low-risk/high-reward and there's nothing better than that.  

    While RGIII has a real shot of taking the NFL by storm, the Redskins can get the same result acquiring Matt Flynn as a free agent.  

    Flynn has the arm and the ability to move in the pocket. We ALL know what RGIII can do—at the college level, at least—but it's a question of whether or not he's worth the investment.

    I'm not sure he is. Not when Matt Flynn is ready, willing and just waiting for his shot.