Super Bowl XLVI: Looking at Some of the Best Long Shot Proposition Bets

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2012

There are many long shot prop bets in the Super Bowl, lets look at the best ones
There are many long shot prop bets in the Super Bowl, lets look at the best onesJeff Gross/Getty Images

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the best proposition bets and decide which make sense to bet.

There are tons of things people can bet on during the Super Bowl, from who will win the coin toss to who will score more points, to the first touchdown, and things like that.  While laying odds betting on heads or tails is silly, some other propositions are not only intriguing, but could also make a quick buck for someone with little risk.  These props will all pay 2:1 or better on your money so they are worth taking.  Since I am only looking at odds of +200 or greater, they are all long shots to happen.

Team to Receive Opening Kickoff - Several sites have this proposition as +210 for the Patriots; considering the Patriots might take the ball if they win the toss, getting 210 on a 100-dollar bet seems like a good play to me.  Pick: Patriots +210

Will Either Team Score in Last Two Minutes of First Half - The odds on NO are +220 which seems like a really good deal to me...Pick: NO +220

Will the Game Be Decided by Exactly Three Points:  YES is paying 3:1 odds, and considering the spread is 3 points, and it is a common final score, you could take this prop at 3:1 and no matter who wins, as long as it is by 3 points, go to the bank.  Pick: YES +300

Player to Score First TD: This prop is always a fun one and one that I always like to play around with.  I normally throw 10 dollars on a few different guys, but here are some of the better candidates odds-wise.  Obviously, the favorites are guys like Victor Cruz, Rob Gronkowski or Aaron Hernandez, but I am trying to find the values here.

Giants - Jake Ballard - The starting tight end goes off at 20:1, meaning a 10 dollar bet can pay off 200 if it happens.  That seems worth the risk to me.

New England - Chad Ochocinco - He goes off at 40:1 and he is a huge long-shot, but in a big game, and with Brady spreading the ball around, why not throw five bucks on him? 

First Half Tied/Giants Win Game - There is a 10:1 odds on this prop; while it is unlikely, again, a 10 dollar bet could pay out 100 dollars, so why not take the chance?

Margin of Victory - If you believe the Giants will win the game, you could take them to win by 1-4 points at 5:1; a 5-8 point win would be 7:1; and 9-12 and 13-16 point wins would be 10:1...Any of those are not bad to take with those odds.  You could also get 20:1 odds on the Patriots winning by 21-24 points, which, while unlikely, at 20:1, would not be a terrible thing to throw a couple dollars at.

Super Bowl MVP:  I actually think the best long-shot bet here is the field at 6:1, as that would include either kicker and all defensive players...If you don't want to play the field, Deion Branch, Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs all go off at 30:1 and could make a quick buck for a small bet.

And those are the best long-shot bets.  The great thing about betting on long shots is you really only have to be right on one or two of them to win a decent amount of money, even if you lose the rest of them.  So good luck and enjoy the big game.