FC Barcelona: The Top 5 Commercials

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IFebruary 6, 2012

FC Barcelona: The Top 5 Commercials

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    While watching the Super Bowl XLVI commercials, I decided to share with the BR readers some of the FC Barcelona commercials.

    While the majority of them were done in Spain and in Spanish and/or Catalan, they are worth watching. The reason is for their artistic value and showing areas of Spain as well as La Blaugrana.

    I will share my top five FC Barcelona commercials and attempt to explain their significance to the BR readers. The only favor is to sit back, relax and enjoy the commercials.

1. Fabregas and Iniesta in a Nike Commercial: 2011

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    Nike did a commercial to promote their CTR 360 shoes. The commercial featured Cesc Fabregas and Andres Iniesta with the rest of FC Barcelona.

    The commercial itself is a great one in my opinion for its presentation and creativity. It was filmed at a time when Fabregas had recently signed with FC Barcelona.

2. Estrella Damm and FC Barcelona: 2012 Commercial

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    Estrella Damm is a beer company located in Barcelona, Spain. It is also a major sponsor of FC Barcelona and filmed commercials with the club.

    The recent commercial for the year 2012 is called "Inimitable" which deals with a couple, comparing food, and FC Barcelona. The commercial was filmed in Paris and Barcelona.

    The commercial features all of the FC Barcelona players including Xavi, Leo Messi and Sergio Busquets. While it may be a great commercial, it is also depressing.

    The actress was a hit in my book of commercials. The actor praised FC Barcelona while putting his foot in his mouth concerning the significant other's cooking.

    The actress knew how to act. The actor may want to review his lines a little bit.

    While it is acting, it is not good to criticize the cooking of your spouse or significant other. There has to be a better Estrella Damm beer commercial.

3. Nike Football 2009 Commercial with FC Barcelona

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    Nike Football filmed this FC Barcelona commercial in 2009 when the club won its European Championship. The commercial shows FC Barcelona heading towards the field for their match.

    Nike captured the essence of FC Barcelona in this commercial. I could sense why FC Barcelona is in this commercial.

    The commercial by Nike is better than the 2012 Estrella Damm commercial. It gave me an emotional high since the central theme was the definition of a football club.

4. Estrella Damm: FC Barcelona: 2010 Commercial

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    The following 2010 FC Barcelona by Estrella Damm talks about FC Barcelona and Barcelona in general. The commercial was filmed in Catalan with Spanish subtitles.

    The commercial talks about the famous and hard working people of Barcelona past and present such as those of FC Barcelona, Salvador Dali and others. The commercial featured a model who initiated the discussion about the values of hard work and rewards.

    The 2010 Estrella Damm commercial is superior to the 2012 one in that it does not leave a sour note. The model in the commercial presented herself to the public in a tasteful manner.

    She (and others) challenged people in the commercial to be the best. The 2010 Estrella Damm commercial for FC Barcelona is number one in my personal list.

Turkish Airlines: FC Barcelona in 2010

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    The following commercial by Turkish Airlines shows Turkish Airlines and FC Barcelona at their best. The commercial ranks second to the 2010 Estrella Damm Commercial.

    It is worth watching.


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    It was an honor and pleasure to share my favorite (and not so favorite) FC Barcelona commercials with BR. I hope that the BR readers enjoyed them as well.

    When I say that these are the top five commercials of FC Barcelona, this is only a personal opinion. There are people who may think otherwise and that is good.

    Please feel free to discuss any of your favorite Barca commercials. An invitation is also extended to agree, disagree and/or agree to disagree.

    My best wishes to BR in the week that is starting.