Super Bowl 2012: 5 Odd Questions Dallas Cowboys Might Be Asked During Super Bowl

Tom Firme@TFirmeAnalyst IIFebruary 3, 2012

Super Bowl 2012: 5 Odd Questions Dallas Cowboys Might Be Asked During Super Bowl

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    Super Bowl parties are odd scenarios that often lend themselves to awkward circumstances. Often, someone says or does something strange. Sometimes people act a bit rowdy.

    Since most people in the United States and a couple billion people worldwide will be watching the Super Bowl, many members of the Dallas Cowboys will watch the game. Cowboys players, coaches and front office members will find themselves in awkward moments during the Super Bowl. Some members of the Cowboys will have odd questions related to their work.

    Such questions will make those members of the Cowboys hope that a thrilling play or funny commercial—or equally awkward moment affecting someone else—occurs to distract attention from them.

    Follow along for some odd questions that Cowboys players, coaches and even Jerry Jones may be asked during the game.

Tony Romo Asked About Rob Gronkowski

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    "Oh, honey, Rob Gronkowski's playing injured just like you did."

    Imagine the look Tony Romo would have on his face if his wife asked about Rob Gronkowski playing through his ankle injury as he's expected to do.

    Romo probably wouldn't be thrilled about such a question. He played through injuries in three games this season, including comeback victories against the San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins with a broken rib and punctured lung. Playing with those injuries was much tougher than an ankle injury.

    However, Romo can't get upset since she's pregnant. He has to stay light while avoiding the appearance of passive aggressiveness.

    Possible response: "Honey, did you know I can hold my breath under water even longer than before I punctured my lung?"

Jason Witten Asked About Rob Gronkowski

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    "That wasn't a Jason Witten catch, was it?"

    At some point, despite his ankle injury, Rob Gronkowski will make an amazing catch. This will cause someone at the same party as Witten to ask him whether he'd be able to make the catch.

    Surely, Witten would be able to make many of the catches that Gronkowski can make. However, Gronkowski is more athletic than Witten. The NFL has seen few athletes play tight end who have the athleticism that Gronkowski has.

    Nevertheless, Witten himself is an impressive athlete. He has put on some terrific plays, like his 59-yard touchdown catch against the Washington Redskins in Week 11. Also, Witten puts up a good number of yards. He didn't get as many as Gronkowski this season, but he doesn't have any reason to be jealous.

    Witten would have to play this one cool. He doesn't want to cause anything his wife, Michelle, an emergency room nurse, would have to address. Saying something nice would be the correct route for Witten.

    Possible response: "No. Every tight end is unique. Rob's got his own style."

Jerry Jones Asked About Occupy Protesters Outside Lucas Oil Dome

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    "Stupid protesters. A Jerry Jones Super Bowl doesn't have controversy surrounding it, does it?"

    The Lucas Oil Dome will be the site not only of the Super Bowl, but also an Occupy protest. Regardless of people's opinions of the Occupy movement, the protesters will be there, standing in protest of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels' ill-timed signing of right-to-work legislation.

    Beyond all of the logistical issues of finding parking and waiting in line for an incredible amount of time, fans will have to fight past Occupy protesters making their statement outside the stadium.

    Meanwhile, stadium officials and security personnel will have to find a way to contain the protesters.

    Jones can't say he didn't have to face controversy during Super Bowl XLV in Dallas last year. Dallas dealt with ice storms in the week leading up to the game, which the city wasn't prepared to deal with, since ice storms aren't common in Dallas.

    Also, Cowboys Stadium faced a ticket fiasco in which 400 fans were turned away at the gates because the seats allocated weren't prepared for them. Jones faced suit for the incident.

    Jones can brush the topic aside like he can with just about any other issue. That's the safest way of going about it.

    Possible response: "Charlotte made some fantastic chili con queso dip. You gotta try it."

Terence Newman Asked About Tom Brady's Super Bowl Record

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    "My man, Terence Newman, Tom Brady's been to the Super Bowl a few times. When's Tony Romo going to bring the Cowboys to the Super Bowl?"

    Tom Brady has had quite the career. He's taken the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl four times and led the Patriots to three titles. Brady has a remarkable remarkable six game-winning drives in the playoffs.

    Indeed, Tony Romo hasn't put up such lofty playoff accomplishments. Romo only has one playoff win. Also, the Cowboys have made the playoffs three times in Romo's five full seasons as a starter.

    While that's fine for most quarterbacks, Brady is far ahead of Romo. Brady has only missed the playoffs in one of his full seasons as a starter.

    Some Cowboys fans are anxious about the Cowboys' lack of playoff success in recent years. A significant number of those fans may pin the blame on Romo.

    Having been with the Cowboys as long as Romo has, Newman has seen all of the ups and downs the Cowboys have experienced, albeit with less scrutiny than Romo. He's played those games in which the Cowboys fell short in Week 17 and missed the playoffs. Perhaps Newman might blame Romo or the coaching staff or even himself.

    Nevertheless, Newman would have to appear strong and loyal. He wouldn't want to come off as disrespecting his quarterback. Also, he'd want to appear hopeful for the team, even if it's possible that the Cowboys will cut him.

    Possible response: "Yeah, man. Hey, you see me intercept Brady back in October? That's money!"

Jason Garrett Asked About the New England Patriots Offense

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    "Wouldn't you love to have the offensive weapons that this New England Patriots football team has?"

    The Patriots have a special offense. They averaged 32.1 points per game, scoring more than 500 points for the second year in a row and third in five years. Tom Brady threw for more than 5,000 yards. Rob Gronkowski caught 17 touchdown catches. Gronkowski had 1,327 yards receiving, and Wes Welker had 1,569 yards receiving.

    The Patriots have amazing weapons on offense. Welker, Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez are great receiving threats. Gronkowski and Hernandez are two of the most athletic tight ends around. Deion Branch can still make plays at age 32. Danny Woodhead can pick up big chunks of yards on the ground.

    Garrett would want to turn this into an opportunity not to argue about whether the Cowboys or Patriots have the better offense, but to compliment the Patriots while stating his pride in his players. He could do it in such an emphatic way that the other person can't find a way to respond.

    Possible response:

    Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game. The Patriots have some amazing receivers. But we have great receivers, too, in Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Laurent Robinson. Tony Romo might not have done all the things Brady has done, but he's still really good. And you know what? We averaged more yards per rush this season than the Patriots, and DeMarco Murray ran for more yards than any of their backs.