Milwaukee Bucks: How the Team Can Overcome the Loss of Andrew Bogut

Rob SchimkeContributor IIIFebruary 1, 2012

Milwaukee Bucks: How the Team Can Overcome the Loss of Andrew Bogut

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    Once again the Milwaukee Bucks are without their star big man Andrew Bogut.  

    After a breaking his ankle, there are doubts as to whether he will make it back at all this season.  In his absence the Bucks are left searching for answers as to how they can overcome the loss.  

    While it will not be easy, there are three ways the Bucks can overcome the loss of Andrew Bogut.


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    The Bucks have a plethora of role players on their team. They are very deep and have pieces that would be attractive to other teams.  This opens up the possibility for trades.  

    It has been well documented the discontent of Chris Kaman of the New Orleans Hornets.  He is not even in the rotation anymore.  The Hornets would look at any reasonable offer for him.  He is making a lot of money at $14 million this season, but he only has a year left of his deal.  

    He would give the Bucks depth at the position they need it the most.  

    The Bucks would likely offer a package of Gooden and Udrih or something to that effect.  Both are players that could immediately help the Hornets.  

    The Bucks could also pursue a player like Mehmet Okur from the New Jersey Nets.  They have a tradeable piece in Stephen Jackson, which the Nets could then use as bait to bring Dwight Howard to New Jersey.  Dwight has recently made rumblings about wanting to play with Jackson.

    The salaries are pretty close and a back-court of Jackson and Deron Williams makes a lot of sense for the Nets.  

    The issue with trades is that decent seven footers in the NBA come at a premium.  The Bucks would likely overpay for what they would get in return.

    But as Andrew Bogut's injury history has shown us, a little insurance could go a long way to ensure the Buck's do not lose an entire season because of an injury to Bogut.

Change of Pace

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    For Andrew Bogut to be effective you have to slow the offense down.  

    He has very limited range when it comes to jumpers.  He is at his most effective when his back to the basket and is playing off of the low block.  

    When the team dumped the ball to him down low, it slowed the pace down as he would make a few moves before bulldozing toward the hoop.  

    Without Bogut, you can change the overall speed of this team.  

    The Bucks essentially do not have a low-post presence.  

    Without Bogut, their big men are primarily jump shooters and offensive put-back type of players.  

    If the Bucks can start letting Jennings run, we could see a completely different team.  He has the ability to get to the rim and kick the ball out.  

    Milwaukee has guys on the team that can shoot the ball, and transition threes are something the Bucks could focus on.  

    At the end of the day, the Bucks do not have the talent to be a great half-court offensive team, but they do have the athletes and the shooters to be a great run-and-gun type of team.  

    Changing the pace of the offensive would suite the current players on the roster much better than the current type of offense they are running.

Give Jon Leuer Playing Time at SF

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    Jon Leuer has been a bright spot for the Bucks this season.  When given the opportunity, he has been a solid player for the team.  

    However, in recent weeks he has been severely limited in his role.  It is not clear what has changed, but it likely has to do with his defensive ability.  He needs to put on some weight to help defend some of the larger players in the league.  

    This will obviously take time, but for now why not give him a shot a SF?  

    By having him play that position, you have another tall player to contest shots and rebound.  He is young and quick enough to play decent defense against a many small forwards in the league.  

    Obviously he could not guard someone like LeBron, but when the matchup allows, playing him at the SF would give the Bucks a size advantage they rarely enjoy.  

    By having another big at small forward, the Bucks can help negate some of the Bogut loss when it comes to size and rebounding.


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    Losing Andrew Bogut, no matter how you look at it, will be tough.  

    His defense and leadership will be sorely missed, but as the Bucks have shown over the last couple of games, there is no quit in this team.  

    The Bucks can overcome the loss of their star.  They just have to make a decision and run with it as far as how the team will function is his absence.

    What do you think?  Will the Bucks be able to overcome the loss of Andrew Bogut?