Tampa Bay Buccaneer Gerald McCoy Should Be Working on His Game

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IFebruary 1, 2012

Gerald McCoy has a LOT to prove.
Gerald McCoy has a LOT to prove.J. Meric/Getty Images

Gonna say it and say it now, sorry Gerald McCoy fans, but we're siding with Warren Sapp on this guy.

Gerald McCoy is softer than drug store cotton.

Yeah, we said it.

So there's Geraldini93, as he posts himself on Twitter, up there in Indy with his own camera crew covering Media Day and who knows what else.

Here's the deal: Gerald McCoy talks a good game for a guy who hasn't logged much playing time the past two seasons, can't stay on the field, lives on Injured Reserve and is flirting with the "B-word."

Instead of tromping around Indy, Geraldine should be working on his game. This guy needs to prove he was worthy of his draft status.

"Show me 10 good McCoy plays on film!" blurted former offensive lineman Ian Beckles on WDAE 620's the Ron and Ian Show on Wednesday. Yes, someone, please do. And that's 10 good plays in two years. "I'll show you 10 by Vince Wilfork in one game," Beckles said of the New England lineman who you will see on the nose Sunday in the Super Bowl.

McCoy is the poster child for the underlying theme that sunk Raheem Morris and the rest of his staff—underachievement.

McCoy fancies himself a leader, but he's simply a talker. Yes, he's a nice guy with an All-Pro personality but this Buccaneer team needs nasty guys who are simply All-Pros.

You wonder if McCoy is already working towards his second career, training himself for a spot in television when he should be training himself to be a dominant defensive lineman.

Right now he's being coddled because of where he was drafted.

The last thing Mark Dominik needs on his resume is for McCoy to indeed turn into the dreaded "B-word."

One problem is that McCoy was virtually handed the starting job after he was drafted.

You will hope that new coach Greg Schiano will put an end to that.

That is why the upcoming free agency period is so important. Don't get yourself all excited about too many big name free agents, what this team needs are some solid vets to come in and challenge guys like McCoy for those starting jobs.

No more handouts.

It's time for Mr. Softee to earn something.