Why Peyton Manning Should Retire and Just Make Funny Commercials

Matt Madsen@mmadsen5Correspondent IIFebruary 1, 2012

Why Peyton Manning Should Retire and Just Make Funny Commercials

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    Peyton Manning's neck has led to an incredible amount of uncertainty in Indianapolis. Will the Colts cut him? Will they give him the $28 million bonus on March 8th? If not, will he play for another team in 2012?

    Regardless of what Peyton does regarding his football career, he will always have a backup plan: acting.

    From Sprint commercials, to Mastercard, to DirecTV, Peyton has put together a commercial portfolio that could match any athlete to come before him. When it comes to athletes in commercials, nobody does it better.

    Which is one reason he can sleep easy at night. If the whole football gig doesn't work out, he's still got Hollywood to fall back on.

    With that being said, let's take a look at some of his best work.

    Note: I am a huge Colts fan and Peyton Manning supporter. I absolutely hope he returns to full health and plays for the Colts in 2012 and beyond. This is a lighthearted look at a less than ideal situation.

Peyton Plays Well with Others

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    Peyton Manning makes great commercials, but here he also shows the ability to play a smaller role. His presence isn't overpowering, yet he still makes a positive impact in the spot. Timberlake, one of the few people in America more well known than Manning, teams up with Manning to produce a decent, if not overwhelming commercial.

    Let's look at some more.

    Warning: These videos will increase in hilarity.

Peyton Gives Great Advice

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    Peyton Manning knows a thing or two about personal health. Before this year he had started 227 straight games (including playoffs). With that in mind, when Peyton gives you advice, you listen.

    Besides, he has a pretty good point. If you aren't under the age of 23, natural metabolisms leading to a lean frame are slowing down, and you probably don't have enough free time to maintain a sculpted figure.

    And if you're a professional football player, you probably nodded your head when he said that.

    Time to buy some bigger shirts.

Peyton Is Ever-Optimistic

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    No bad days, that's Peyton's motto.

    Even though he's having a rough go of it right now, being injured and all, Peyton probably still walks around with the childish ignorance of haters that he showcases in this TV spot.

    Whenever people try to get you down, just roll with the punches. Peyton has the confidence to slide past even the most hurtful insults with ease.

    "You know, I'm gonna do that. The weather here is sweet."

Peyton Is Versatile

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    Here we can see Peyton as someone other than himself. This commercial shows off Peyton's natural charisma and innate comedic talent.

    We know it's funny. He knows it's funny.

    The phrase "Laser, rocket arm" became a known phrase after the airing of this commercial, and is still sometimes used by TV analysts.

    But Peyton's all-time best commercial awaits...

Peyton Is a Fan, Too

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    We love Peyton because he's more than just a football player. He's an icon. He has been the face of the NFL for years, and that's something we can all enjoy. He has been a role model for children to live by, and has achieved success that we can all aspire to follow. But here, Peyton is something else.

    He's one of us.

    He's just a fun-loving guy that wants to enjoy what he has. He is genuine and believable. He is truly a class-act, and is hilarious at the same time.

    If Peyton should decide to retire, we will all miss him greatly. But at least we will have his on-camera antics to look forward to.