Los Angeles Lakers: The Twin Towers Are Worth Dwight Howard and Stephen Jackson

Austen E. MarshellCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2012

Howard would bring a different energy than Bynum and Gasol.
Howard would bring a different energy than Bynum and Gasol.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

As the Orlando Magic continue to dissipate in basketball games, it is more apparent that they need to make Dwight Howard disappear as soon as possible.  

Howard has the known wish list of the Lakers, Nets or Mavericks, but not only does Howard have a wish list, he's now hinting at other possible destinations like Boston (CBS Sports) and Chicago (Chicago Tribune) to keep everybody captivated and confused.   

After putting his teammates on Front Street a few nights ago and then calling for unity the next, there is real skepticism to what Howard is thinking at this point in the season.

It is apparent to anybody watching that the Magic players have mentally checked out due to the D12 sweepstakes.  This has become agonizingly and irritatingly reminiscent of the Melo Drama of last year. 

Magic General Manager Otis Smith needs to make a trade sooner than later so this long, drawn-out process of the inevitable can be ceased.

Simply losing two seven-footers for one isn't the solution to this problem for the Lakers and forget about Jameer Nelson.  The Lakers seem content with their point guards and whether that is right or wrong is an issue for Mitch Kupchak and Mike Brown.

Los Angeles needs to roll the credits on the Twin Towers and bring Howard to Hollywood.

That is exactly where the Milwaukee Bucks come into the picture. 

According to ESPN's Ric Bucher, the Nets would improve their chances if they were to somehow get the Bucks' Stephen Jackson. One could assume that sentiment would be the case for other teams as well.

Streaky but consistent scoring with an attitude the Lakers could use.
Streaky but consistent scoring with an attitude the Lakers could use.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Lakers have the players, so it's really about how the finances match up for the parties involved.

Playoff seeding matters this early in a short season and the Lakers are next to last in the West, so let's stop talking about it and do something.

Trade Gasol and Bynum to Orlando for Dwight Howard and unfortunately, ship either Matt Barnes or Metta World Peace to Milwaukee for Stephen Jackson. 

A possible Lakers starting lineup of Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Jackson, Josh McRoberts and Howard sounds attractive and spells contender. 

Whether this could happen and how personalities like Jackson's and Bryant's would fare together in purple and gold is unknown.  Howard's destination in the coming weeks and how he came to this conclusion with Jackson is more of the same.

A trade like this would prevent the Magic from repeating the past of not receiving proper compensation and allow the Lakers not to lose any offense and be able to again compete with the new-found popularity of some other team nicknamed Lob Angeles. 

The Bucks' train would just keep moving because titles come through big-city markets.

Come on, Hollywood, another superstar is needed.