NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Reasons Why Amar'e Stoudemire for Andre Iguodala Is a Winner

D BContributor IIIJanuary 31, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Reasons Why Amar'e Stoudemire for Andre Iguodala Is a Winner

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    The rumor is that the Philadelphia 76ers have inquired about the availability of Amar'e Stoudemire, according to CSN Philly.

    While no specifics are clear, it's reasonable to assume that a potential trade could send Andre Iguodala to the New York Knicks in exchange for Stoudemire. Their salaries don't match. The 76ers would have to add a player to the trade.

    This article is only going to focus on the main players in this potential trade, Stoudemire and Iguodala. Here are five reasons why this trade would work out for everyone involved.

The Knicks Don't Play Defense

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    Carmelo Anthony can go out and get you 30 points on any given night. He'll light it up but he's not a very good defensive player. The Knicks as a whole suffer from a lack of defense.

    Head coach Mike D'Antoni is an offensive-minded coach. So the Knicks have the ability to score a lot of points. The problem is that they usually let their opponents score even more.

    Enter Iguodala, a member of the 2011 NBA All-Defensive Second Team. Iguodala's defense looks even better this season. He's a bona fide defensive stopper and one of the best perimeter defenders currently in the game.

    His addition to the team won't turn the tide immediately, but you know Iguodala is going to play spectacular defense each night on a team which just doesn't prioritize it enough.

The 76ers' Leading Scorer Is Their Backup Point Guard

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    Lou Williams is the leading scorer on the 76ers. He's also their backup point guard.

    Stoudemire averaged 25.3 points per game on the Knicks last year. He's the first-option offensive weapon that it was evident the 76ers were missing in the playoffs last last.

    Stoudemire's numbers are down across the board as he tries to fit in with Anthony in New York. That's more difficult than it sounds. Stoudemire is taking far fewer shots and rarely seems to post up these days. What's more, the dude just looks uncomfortable.

    The 76ers would look to him for buckets. And for a guy who's averaged over 53 percent shooting from the field and almost 22 points a game over his career, I'd say there's a good chance he's going to deliver.

Iggy Is a Point Forward

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    The Knicks are currently ranked 25th in the league in assists per game. That's a dooming statistic. It should go up slightly as Baron Davis returns from injury but wouldn't it be nice to have another facilitator?

    Iguodala currently leads his team in assists with five a game and the guy's a small forward/shooting guard. He's the best point forward in the game not named LeBron James.

    The Knicks' offense would run a lot smoother with a few extra assists a game. Besides that, Iguodala is a stat-stuffer, also leading the 76ers in steals.

    He's a great rebounder for his size too, even posting double-digit rebounding numbers in his last two games.

    These are all qualities which the Knicks need.

The 76ers Are Looking Toward the Future

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    The 76ers currently sit third in the Eastern Conference with a 15-6 record. Few expected them to be this good. They've been a decent team for a long time, but they're finally starting to make a name for themselves.

    That name seems to have less and less to do with Iguodala and more to do with young players like Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young.

    I remember how electrifying it was to watch Allen Iverson throw the lob and then see Iguodala slam it home for the alley-oop. Those days are gone now.

    Stoudemire fits the bill for what they need now. His offensive game would improve the 76ers and help usher in this new identity for them.

Melo Can Be Melo Without Chemistry Problems

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    Iguodala's game isn't built around scoring like Stoudemire's is.

    Each shot Anthony takes in a lineup with Iguodala, won't be a shot taken away from Iguodala like it is with Stoudemire.

    Iguodala's scoring is down this season at 12.8 points a game from 14.1 last season while the rest of his numbers are up. Iguodala would fit into the system he's put in with his unique skill set.

    In the Knicks' system, he'd be the second or third option instead of the first-option scorer he's never been comfortable with. Anthony can toss up 30 shots a game, and Iguodala really won't care.