WWE Fantasy: Monday Night Raw 1/30/12

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WWE Fantasy: Monday Night Raw 1/30/12

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    Hey folks, and welcome to Monday Night Raw!

    This show is done by Will One and I, as a way to show what we want to happen in WWE. To take a look at the past episodes, please checkout Will Owen's and my homepage.

    Also, please tune in for Fantasy Raw on February 14th as it will be a special three hour addition with an appearance from Bret Hart!

    Please leave a comment at the end of the show with any questions, suggestions and/or criticism. Also, please leave a rating out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best) as this is a competition of Smackdown (Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen and myself). 

    Now onto the show.

    The intro rolls and we are all ready for Monday Night Raw!!!

Opening Segment

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    Seth Rollins comes out to the ring and he has a huge smile on his face. He immediately gabs a mic.

    Seth: Ladies and gentleman, last night I did the unthinkable. Despite facing Randy Orton in a grueling title match, I was able to bounce back and fight in the Royal Rumble, which I won. I defeated the likes of The Rock, John Cena, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Kane and even The Undertaker. And now I have a guaranteed title shot at WrestleMania! The o—

    "I hear voices in my head!" Orton comes out with a microphone.

    Randy: Wait just a minute Seth. Let me give you a recap last night. After I defeated you with an RKO, you won the Royal Rumble by default. You entered at number 30 and nobody was in the ring. It is painfully obvious that your win was nothing more than a cheap fluke. I dare you to face me at WrestleMania, although I'd rather face a real competitor.

    Seth: You might want to watch what you say, because I won't wait until WrestleMania to beat your ass. I might as well get a head start and leave you lying where you stand.

    The two men have an epic stare down, before Rollins slaps Orton in the face.

    Randy goes psychotic and begins pummeling Seth. Orton gets up and prepares for an RKO. However, Rollins rolls out of the ring.

    Seth: You will get your shot at me Randy, but not here and not now. That world title should be mine, and it will be mine!

Match No. 1: Kane vs. Goldust

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    The Big Red Monster comes out first and he looks as intimidating as ever. Goldust follows, but is reluctant to get in the ring. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins.

    Goldust runs at Kane, but is sent down with a big boot. The bizarre one gets back up, but Kane nails a sidewalk slam and goes for a cover. 1...2....Kick Out!

    Goldust is in pain as he pulls himself up, but Kane connects with an uppercut, sending Goldust right back to the canvas. The Big Red Monster then nails a falling power bomb, but doesn't go for the pin.

    He instead lifts Goldust up and connects with his signature choke slam. Kane still doesn't go for the pin, seemingly wanting Goldust to suffer even further. Kane picks the bizarre one up and hits tombstone. He makes the pin. 1...2...3!

    Here is your winner...Kane!

    Kane doesn't celebrate, quickly leaving the ring to the back. Meanwhile, Goldust is tended to by the referee, still unconscious from the beating he received. 

Promo No. 1: Master Lock Challenge

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    Chris Masters comes down the ring with a microphone in his hand. 

    Chris: Whoever is behind these cryptic emails is obviously a coward. It is time you stopped hiding behind a laptop and faced me man-to-man. You have messed with the wrong man and for that you will pay! But that is not why I am out here. I am out here to prove my dominance in a Master Lock Challenge.

    Alex Riley comes out and he is pumped. He gets in the chair and prepares for the challenge.

    Masters quickly locks in his move and viciously applies pressure on the neck. Riley is swinging back and forth and seemingly has no hope. He eventually passes out and Chris tosses him to the mat.

    Chris is about to leave, but then turns his attention to the general manager's laptop. He goes to destroy it, but it is locked up inside of a plastic box (similar to the Cole Mine). Master tries to break through but eventually gives in and frustratedly head back up the entrance ramp.

Match No. 2: The Hart Dynasty vs. Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris

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    The Hart Dynasty comes out first to a pretty good pop. Bo Rotundo and Harris follow, but they are paraded with boos. Husky and Kidd start out the match for their teams. The bell rings and the two men lock up.

    Harris quickly connects with a knee to the torso. He then grabs Tyson by the hand and hits a short-arm clothesline. Kidd tries to pull himself back up using the ropes, but Husky grabs him and connects with a gut wrench suplex followed by a pin. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Harris gets to his feet waiting for Tyson to stand up. Kidd eventually gets to his feet, but is sent back to the canvas by an inverted suplex. Husky then drags Tyson into the corner, making the tag to his partner.

    Bo goes straight on the offense, hitting a fireman's carry neckbreaker. Kidd writhes in pain as he tries to get back on his feet. Rotundo then grabs a hold of Tyson and hits a pump handle gut buster followed by a cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Bo doesn't stop his assault, bringing Tyson up to the top rope. He goes for a superplex, but Kidd punches his way out. Rotundo tries hitting a few punches of his own, but Tyson is able to block them and push Bo off the turnbuckle.

    Rotundo goes crashing hard to the mat. Finally able to incorporate some offense, Tyson nails a huge moonsault off the top rope. He makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Both men are unconscious in the middle of the ring. Rotundo is able to drag himself over and make the tag to Harris, but Tyson then brings DH Smith into the match with a tag of his own. Smith immediately starts pummeling Husky with punches. Husky falls back into the corner, setting David up perfectly for a corner clothesline.

    However, Harris is able to move out of the way, causing Smith's forearm to smack hard into the turnbuckle. When David turns around, Husky connects with Uranage. He makes the pin. 1...2...Kick Out!

Match No. 2: The Hart Dynasty vs. Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris Cont.

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    Husky is shocked but continues to work. He waits for David to rise in the corner, and goes for a corner splash. He seems to have hit it, but David caught him! Somehow, Smith carries Husky into the middle of the ring and hits a spine buster. He makes the pin attempt. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Tyson is begging for a tag. Smith obliges, bringing in his fresh partner. David sets Husky up for the Hart Attack. Tyson goes for a springboard clothesline, but Rotundo runs over and takes Kidd's feet out, sending him crashing to the outside.

    David doesn't realize it and continues to wait for Tyson. The misunderstanding gives time for Husky to recover. He grabs Smith in a front headlock before hitting a DDT. Instead of going for the pin. He bounces off the rope and nails his patented running senton. He makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!!

    Harris is frustrated and begins arguing with the referee. When he turns back around, he is met by a huge boot to the head from DH Smith. David sees victory is near and prepares for a power bomb. He uses all his strength to pull Husky up, but Harris rakes David's eyes without the ref seeing. Smith crashes to the ground with Husky landing on top of him with a cradle pin. 1...2...3!!!!

    Here are your winners....Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo!

    Tyson slides into the ring and tries pleading with the ref about the eye rake, but it is no use. Bo and Harris celebrate a big victory before heading back to the locker room. However, before they leave the Raw Gm chimes in.

    Jerry: Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I have received an email from the Anonymous General Manager.

    Raw GM: Congratulations Bo and Husky. You two men are one of the key teams that have helped to rebuild a once floundering tag team division. However one thing is missing, and that is the World Tag Team Championship.

    But not for much longer because on a special three hour episode of Monday Night Raw that will take place on February 14, there will be a Four-Way Elimination Tag Match for the Vacant Tag Team Championship belts. 

Promo No. 2: Mysterious Vignette

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    Ding ding ding! 

    The Raw GM laptop goes off.

    It reads as follows:

    My time for exposure is near. Those who suffer from hubris will face a torturous fate in short time. Soon, all will feel my villainous wrath.

Match No. 3: Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry with Abraham Washington

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    Randy comes out first and gets a great reaction. Henry comes out next and he is accompanied by Abraham Washington. Washington is at ringside as the ref calls for the bell. The bell sounds and the match begins. 

    Mark starts out on the offense, hitting a shoulder block. When Orton gets back up, Mark grabs him up and hits a sidewalk slam. The World's Strongest Man taunts the crowd as Randy tries to recuperate.

    Orton gets up and connects with a few punches, but Henry isn't affected. He picks Randy up over his head and ails a military press drop. Orton's torso lands hard on the mat. Mark isn't done with his dominance, bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a big splash. He makes the pin. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Mark continues to work, picking Orton up and hitting a power slam. Henry doesn't stop there, locking in a Canadian back breaker submission hold. Orton writhes in pain and has nowhere to go. The Viper is mere seconds away from tapping, before slithering out. Mark tries going back to his assault, but Randy begins firing back with some punches of his own.

    Randy then hits a dropkick, sending Henry to the mat for the first time in the match. Seeing his opportunity, Randy heads up to the top rope. When Mark gets to his feet, Orton goes for a flying cross body, but is caught. Henry smiles before hitting a fall away slam. He makes another pin attempt. 1..2...Kick Out!

    Mark is upset, but doesn't stop his assault. He goes right after Randy, connecting with a reverse choke slam  face buster. Henry signals for the end, preparing for his World Strongest Slam. Mark gets Orton in position, but Randy escapes. When Mark turns around, Orton hits an RKO! He makes the pin. 1...2...Kick Out!!

    Orton is in complete shock. After a few seconds with his jaw dropped open, Randy goes back to work. He puts Mark in a seated position and begins nailing hammer blows to Henry's chest. Mark struggles to get back to his feet afterwards. When Henry finally stands, Randy goes for an Olympic slam, but can't pick up the World's Strongest Man.

    Mark laughs before hooking Orton's leg and getting him in position for a World's Strongest Slam. Randy tries breaking free but Mark's grip is too tight. He connects with his finishing move and makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!!! 

Match No. 3: Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry with Abraham Washington Cont.

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    Mark cannot believe that Orton was able to kick out. He starts to argue with the ref, but quickly differs back to Randy. He grabs Orton again and goes for a second World's Strongest Slam, but Orton slides out and hits an inverted headlock back breaker.

    He then signals it is time for his patented RKO. He goes for it, but Mark catches him and throws him into the referee. The ref falls to the ground. Orton gets up quickly and goes after Mark with all his strength. He pummels Henry with punches to the torso before hitting a huge clothesline.

    Mark gets out on the apron for a breather, but it isn't a good idea. Randy grabs Henry and connects with a rope-hung DDT. Seeing his opportunity, the Viper once again signals for an RKO. However, Abraham Washington grabs Orton by the ankle.

    Orton gets out of the ring and tries going after Washington, but Abraham runs away. Randy slides back into the ring, but is met with a World's Strongest Slam from a recovered Mark Henry. He makes the pin just as the ref is getting back up. 1...2...3!

    Here is your winner...Mark Henry!

    Abraham gets into the ring and celebrates the huge victory with Mark. Both men taunt the crowd before heading back up the entrance ramp.

Promo No. 3: Empire Alliance in the Ring

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    William Regal and Wade Barrett lead out the Empire Alliance to the middle of the ring. Both men grab a microphone.

    Wade: At the Royal Rumble, I had thought Sheamus was doing the right thing by realigning with me. I thought he had realized that in the Empire Alliance, he could achieve things he had never even imagined. However, his pride and arrogance got in the way, and now he will pay the price for it.

    William: Sheamus, at the Royal Rumble, you sealed your fate. Together, we will make sure that you don't even make it to WrestleMania. Your career ended the second you betrayed us. However, I have come out here for another reason.

    Many of the fans assume that the Empire Alliance has been in a downward spiral since New Year's Revolution, but let me assure you that we are as strong as ever. We are united as one, and will take down anybody in our path! 

    The group of cocky superstars leaves the ring and heads to the back with smirks on their faces.

Match No. 4: Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Melina vs. Kaitlyn

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    Beth Phoenix comes out first, followed up by Kaitlyn. Kelly Kelly is out third and she gets a great reaction from the fans. Melina comes out last and she too gets cheered. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins.

    The second the bell rings, Beth tosses Kelly over the top rope. Kaitlyn and Phoenix then start a double team assault of Melina. After pounding her with punches, the two women perform a double suplex.

    Beth then picks Melina up in a fireman's carry and connects with a samoan drop and neckbreaker combo with Kaitlyn. Phoenix makes the pin. 1...2...Kaitlyn pulls Beth off!

    The two stare each other down, but not for long as Kelly Kelly gets back in the ring and attacks Phoenix from behind. Kaitlyn doesn't break it up, but instead goes after Melina. Kelly goes for a clothesline on Beth, but The Glamazon simply sends her packing with a huge boot.

    Beth then picks Kelly up and hits a shoulder back breaker. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is demanding Melina, connecting with a huge spine buster. However, when Kailtyn turns around, Phoenix tosses her over the top rope. Beth sees her opportunity, picking Kelly up. She connects with a Glam Slam and makes the cover. 1...2...Melina breaks it up.

    Melina is able to finally incorporate some offense, connecting with repeat elbows on Beth. She then follows it up with a rolling DDT and a pin attempt. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Melina continues to work, connecting with a spinning face buster. At the same time, a recovered Kelly Kelly brings Kaitlyn back into the ring and begin to work in some attacks. Seeing that Beth is in serious pain, Melina leaves and goes after K2, hitting a head scissors that sends Kelly over the top rope.

    At the same moment Kaitlyn gets back to her feet. Melina runs over and connects with Last Call. She makes the cover. 1...2...Beth breaks it up!

    Phoenix grabs Melina and tosses her over the ropes. She then makes the pin on Kaitlyn. 1...2...3!!!!

    Here is your winner...Beth Phoenix!

    Beth celebrates her victory before being confronted by Kaitlyn, who is still suffering from the affect of the match. After thinking about it for quite some time, Kaitlyn forgives Phoenix and the two walk out. However, there is a look of anger on Kaitlyn's face. 

Promo No. 4: Mark Henry Backstage

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    We cut to a scene where Mark is roaming around backstage. He goes into his locker room but is shocked at what he sees. The rest of the Nation Of Domination are all unconscious.

    He tries helping them to their feet, but they are all completely knocked out. Not knowing what to do, Henry runs to find help. Somebody has just made a big mistake by angering the World's Strongest Man!

Match No. 5: Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus

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    The winner of last night's Royal rumble comes out first and receives some pretty good heat. Sheamus is out next and he gets a mixed reaction. The bell rings and the two men lock up.

    Sheamus starts out on the attack, connecting with a knee to the torso. He then hits a Celtic War Sword, sending Seth crashing to the ground. Rollins gets back up quickly, but The Great White hits a flying clothesline. He then picks Rollins up and hits a running powerslam, followed up by a cover. 1...Kick Out!

    The Celtic Warrior goes straight back to the beat down, picking Seth up and nailing a gut buster. Sheamus continues to work quickly, as he picks Rollins up yet again, this time hitting a Canadian backbreaker. Seth falls hard to the mat, writhing in pain.

    The Great White sees his opportunity and locks in the Camel Clutch. Seth screams in agony, but he has nowhere to go. He can't reach the ropes so he uses all of his strength to lift Sheamus up. The Celtic Warrior is still on Rollins' back when Seth drops down and connects with a jawbreaker.

    Both men get up at the same time. Sheamus goes for a clothesline, but Seth ducks it and hits a swinging enzugiri. He makes the pin attempt. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Rollins gets to his feet and waits for Sheamus to stand. When the Irish super gets up, Seth connects with a belly-to-back complete shot. Sheamus' goes face first into the mat. Seth then heads up to the top rope. The Great White is still down as Rollins hits a splash and goes for the pin. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Seth doesn't stop to argue, continuing his offense. He heads out to the apron and waits for Sheamus to stand. When the Celtic Warrior gets back up, Rollins hits a springboard dropkick. Seth goes quickly, picking up Sheamus a connecting with a scoop slam. Rollins is in control, going for Paroxysm. He hits it and makes a pin attempt. 1...2...Kick Out!!

    Rollins is pissed, but doesn't stop. He picks Sheamus up and goes for another Paroxysm, but The Celtic Warrior gets out of it. When Seth turns around, he is hit with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!!!!!!

Match No. 5: Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus Cont.

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    Sheamus can't believe it. Visibly frustrated, Sheamus picks Seth up over his shoulders in the corner and goes for The Celtic Cross. However, Rollins wiggles out and ends up on the turnbuckle.

    The Great White runs at Seth, but is sent away with a kick. When he turns around again, Rollins nails a flying cross body, but Sheamus rolls through and makes the pin. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Sheamus gets up first and waits for Seth to stand. The Celtic Warrior goes for a Brogue Kick, but Rollins ducks it.  Seth then connects with a chop block, sending Sheamus down on his knees. Seeing his opportunity, Rollins connects with his patented Avada Kedavra. He makes the pin. 1...2...3!!!!

    Here is your winner...Seth Rollins!

    Rollins struggles to get to his feet. After taunting the crowd, he heads to the locker room. Meanwhile, Sheamus is tended to by the referee.

Promo No. 5: Triple H Backstage with Empire Alliance

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    We cut to scene backstage where we see The Empire Alliance walk into the CEO's office. Hunter is livid and looks like he is ready to explode. 

    Hunter: Wade Barrett, you are an ungrateful son of a b—

    Wade: Wow, slow down there Hunter. What exactly are you upset about?

    Hunter: Why am I upset? I'm pissed off because you have attempted to steal my bodyguard, Vladimir Koslov. In case you haven't realized, you people work for me which means you must obey my every command.

    Wade: Listen Hunter, I have known you for quite sometime. So you can understand when I say that it is just business. As part of the Empire Alliance, Koslov can achieve ten times more than what he would get as your lackey. Don't take it personal Hunter.

    Barrett smirks at Triple H before leading his group out of the room. Hunter stares him down in pure fury.

Main Event: Battle Royal for United States Championship

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    The following match is for the United States Championship. The participants are as follows: Shelton Benjamin vs. RVD vs. R-Truth vs. Ezekiel Jackson vs. Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre.

    Each man makes their entrance relatively quickly. The ref calls for the bell and the match is underway. Seeing that there is an alliance, the other four competitors go after Truth and Zeke.

    They continuously pound on the two men until neither are standing. When Zeke gets up, RVD nails a Super Kick that sends Jackson over the top rope. McIntyre then comes up from behind Rob and tosses him over.

    Eliminated: Ezekeil Jackson (RVD) Rob Van Dam (McIntyre)

    Upset about his partners elimination, Truth goes on a rampage. He first nails McIntyre with a dropkick, and then follows it up with a clothesline to Masters. Both men go down, leaving just Shelton and Truth. The two wrestlers trade punches, before Truth hits a kick to the torso. the rapping superstar then bounces of the ropes and hits the Lie Detector.

    Thinking he has Shelton, Truth tries tossing the Gold Standard over, but Benjamin holds on. Truth doesn't notice and moves on to Mater. The rapping superstar tries connecting with a clothesline, but Master ducks and locks in the Master Lock!

    Chris applies the pressure for quite some time, causing Truth to lose consciousness. Instead of tossing him over the top rope, Chris releases the hold  and runs at Drew who just got to his feet. McIntyre was playing possum and immediately pulls the top rope down. Chris' momentum takes him straight out of the ring and down to the floor.

    Eliminated: Chris Masters (Drew McIntyre)

    Drew doesn't stop, going after Benjamin. McIntyre nails his rival with a Big Boot, sending Shelton over the top. However, Shelton is able to hold on and gets up on the apron. Seeing that he is still in the match, Drew runs back at Benjamin, but Shelton reverses it into a back body drop. Drew also holds on and ends up standing on the apron alongside Benjamin. 

Main Event: Battle Royal for United States Championship Cont.

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    The two men trade punches, until Drew gets the advantage with a kick. He goes for a Scot Drop, but Shelton elbows how way out. Seeing that both men are near elimination, Truth runs at the two men. However, the Drew and Shelton hit him with a double back body drop. Truth lands hard on the outside. 

    Eliminated: R-Truth (Shelton and Drew)

    Just two men are left. Both men get in the ring and prepare to do battle. Shelton quickly hits a cobra clutch back breaker, sending Drew to the canvas. Benjamin then follows it up with a jumping implant DDT. He grabs McIntyre and tries pushing him over the top rope. Shelton makes some progress before Benjamin shoos him away with a few punches.

    McIntyre then goes for a tilt a whirl back breaker and connects with it. He then goes to toss Shelton over, but Benjamin tries holding on. Shelton is just able to grabs the rope before going down to the floor. Benjamin is just inches away from falling until Layla gets involved. Layla climbs out on the apron and grabs Shelton. She then proceeds to pull him of the ropes down to the ground. 

    Here is your winner...Drew McIntyre!

    Shelton is shocked at the cheap win. He doesn't argue though, heading straight to the back in disappointment. Inside the ring, Drew and Layla celebrate as the Scotsman holds onto his coveted U.S. title.


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    Thanks for reading this edition of Monday Night Raw Fantasy brought to you by Will Owen and myself.

    Also, remember to tune into the February 14th edition of Fantasy Raw as it is a special three-hour edition with an appearance from Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

    Don't forget to comment with any questions, suggestions, and/or criticism. Also please leave a rating out of 10, as this is competition of Smackdown (Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen and Myself)

    That's a wrap!