WWE Royal Rumble 2012: 10 Need-to-Knows About the CM Punk-Dolph Ziggler Match

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIJanuary 29, 2012

WWE Royal Rumble 2012: 10 Need-to-Knows About the CM Punk-Dolph Ziggler Match

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    With the Royal Rumble just a day away, it is time to jump right in and analyze one of the main events for the show: the WWE Championship Match.

    As you probably already know, WWE Champion CM Punk will be facing the Number One Contender: Dolph Ziggler.

    If you haven't been watching RAW, this feud has been developing nicely in the past few weeks and because of that, I have decided to make a list of 10 "Need to Knows" on this match.

    This list is based off of the current WWE storylines and the product as a whole.

Johnny Ace Is the Special Guest Referee

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    To try and add a little bit more depth into this match, the rivalry between CM Punk and John Laurinaitis has been intertwine into this match.

    On RAW a couple weeks ago, John Laurinaitis teased that he was going to try and screw CM Punk out of the WWE Championship.

    This past week on RAW, John Laurinaitis apologized and said that he will be impartial.

    Personally, I think Johnny Ace will attempt to screw CM Punk out of the championship.

    Whether he does or not, however, could be key to the upcoming story lines going into Wrestlemania.

It Could Be an Underrated Match

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    This slide was a tough one to include, but I have to do it.

    With the Royal Rumble concluding the pay-per-view, it's hard to say where the WWE Championship match will land on the card.

    The non-title match with Kane and John Cena may actually be second to last on the card.

    While I don't think it will happen, they have featuring Kane vs. Cena at key hours on WWE RAW.

    In addition, they may put Cena higher up on the card because he didn't even have a match at the WWE TLC pay-per-view.

    All of these things put together have the potential to turn this championship match into an afterthought.

    Unless the WWE hits the fans with a major twist during this match, I don't see the match making a huge impact.

There's Huge Potential for Outside Interference

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    Because we are about to enter the "Road to WrestleMania", the WWE creative team is creating the major 2012 story lines now.

    With that being said, we have yet to figure out who CM Punk will face at WrestleMania.

    I could easily see CM Punk's WrestleMania opponent interfere with this match.

    This is the perfect opportunity for someone like Chris Jericho or Triple H to make an appearance.

    On top of everything I said, CM Punk will also have to face the interfere from people like:

    -John Laurinaitis (Special Guest Referee)

    -David Otunga (John Laurinaitis' second in command)

    -Jack Swagger (Ally to Dolph Ziggler)

    -Vickie Guerrero (Manager of Dolph Ziggler)

    Luckily for Punk, Mick Foley may also be a key player come Sunday's match.

Nobody Has Any Major Momentum Going into Sunday

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    One way to tell who will win a match at a pay-per-view is to look at how a superstar is booked in the weeks leading up to the bout.

    For example: If the heel No. 1 contender is winning every single week leading up to the pay-per-view, chances are the baby face will retain the championship in the match.

    In this case, however, nobody really has 100 percent momentum going into Sunday.

    Sure, Dolph Ziggler stood tall this past Monday, but then again CM Punk did manage to give Johnny Ace a GTS.

    What this all means is either person has potential to win the title.

One of Them May Compete in the Royal Rumble

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    The Royal Rumble this year is allowing any superstar to compete, regardless of whether or not they had a match earlier in the night.

    Cena and Kane aren't entering into a championship feud anytime soon so they are automatically out.

    Daniel Bryan, Big Show and Mark Henry probably won't be winning the Rumble due to the various injuries of Mark Henry and Big Show. As for Daniel Bryan, I see him retaining so no need for him in the rumble.

    What that means is, the WWE is really only teasing two potential entries into the rumble: CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler.

    My guess is the mystery entrant is Dolph Ziggler.

    Lets face it: Dolph Ziggler has been pulling double duty at nearly every pay-per-view in the second half of 2011.

    I can see that pattern continue this Sunday.

CM Punk Is Being Booked as the Underdog

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    This is a borderline prediction, however, I'm accepting it because of its legitimacy.

    CM Punk is being booked as the champion who is getting screwed by "the man."

    We all know WWE loves a good underdog match, and that's exactly what they created here.

    If history serves me right, CM Punk will walk out with the title.

    If it doesn't, no harm no foul because this isn't a prediction list, it's a need to know list!

They Have Faced Each Other for the WWE Championship Before

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    If you want to see how an event is going to turn out, take a look at history.

    When they faced each other for the WWE Championship on Jan. 2, 2012, CM Punk made Dolph Ziggler tap out.

    Unfortunately, the referee did not see it because of a distraction by John Laurinaitis.

    Then, CM Punk got counted out after going over the top rope that Johnny Ace pulled down.

    With Johnny Ace being part of this match now, I think CM Punk will make sure Laurinaitis sees Dolph Ziggler tap.

It Will Be the Best Wrestling Match of the Night

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    Cena and Kane don't use a large move set. Not that they don't know the moves, they just don't like to use them.

    Daniel Bryan will probably wrestle as good as Punk and Ziggler, but he won't win match of the night because his opponents are Big Show and Mark Henry.

    CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler are both main event wrestlers. I expect them to bring their A-Game this Sunday.

This Is Dolph Ziggler's Test Run in the Main Event

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    This is not a prediction, this is fact.

    If Dolph Ziggler has a good showing this Sunday, I fully expect him to hold the WWE Championship later this year.

    Ziggler has held a world title before, but only for a brief amount of time.

    He has been built up over 2011, and this Sunday, we will see if it was all worth it.

We Will Know CM Punk's Opponent for WrestleMania After It or on RAW

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    I know this slide is a bit of a prediction and not a "need to know," but it is important to know.

    Regardless of the result of the match, I see CM Punk's WrestleMania opponent revealing himself within the next two days.

    Chris Jericho claimed it will be the end of the world on Sunday. Could he be going after CM Punk?

    Triple H is scheduled to appear on RAW on Monday. Could he end up confronting CM Punk as well?

    Time will tell.


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