Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Sergio Ramos Accuses Sergio Busquets of Acting Out

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IJanuary 28, 2012

FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid At La Copa Del Rey Jan. 25, 2012
FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid At La Copa Del Rey Jan. 25, 2012David Ramos/Getty Images

Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid, defender accused Sergio Busquets of FC Barcelona of acting out his injury. According to an article published in Goal, Ramos blamed Busquets for the second yellow card (which led to a red card) he received.

Ramos defended his behavior during a message written in his Twitter account. He denied touching Busquets during the latest Copa Del Rey match between the two giants of La Liga.

I decided to take a look at the video, which shows Ramos receiving the red card. I saw the video about 10 times to see if Ramos touched Busquets.

I saw the video a few more times after that with a magnifying glass to be sure what was seen corresponds to Ramo's Twitter declarations. Ramos indeed touched Busquets with his left elbow, establishing contact the latter's left cheek.

Busquets cannot act out an injury to the left cheek since the impact was strong and intense. The question would be whether the use of an elbow by Ramos was in error or intentional.

It does not matter because the referee already gave Ramos a second yellow card followed by a red card. It is also doubtful given the circumstances that the referee's decision can be overturned.

The conclusion is that Ramos and Real Madrid will have to accept the consequences in the same vein as other clubs.