Dennis Allen: Can He Get the Oakland Raiders Winning Groove Back?

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IIJanuary 26, 2012

Dennis Allen can get the job done:  Gig 'em like the Aggies say!
Dennis Allen can get the job done: Gig 'em like the Aggies say!

Can the Oakland Raiders get their groove back for winning games consistently? Yes, they can.

Many of us believe that Dennis Allen can build the team character of the Oakland Raiders.

Here is another observation:

If you play chess, you realize that the removal of the queen on the board weakens the stance of your opponent.  The recent choice of Allen, a former defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, has the potential of doing just that: weakening the Broncos, the rival of the Oakland Raiders. Of course, a pawn can work its way up to a "queen" status and do the job of moving like a queen. Let's hope the Broncos don't get too lucky in this regard.

Allen has been mentioned in Texas A&M University publications, celebrating his selection as the new head coach for the Oakland Raiders. As an Aggie '86, I want to join the celebration. Later, I will compare Allen with other similar coaches or candidates using graphs and charts. Now, my students and I want to say "Gig 'em" to head coach Dennis Allen.

Allen has the strength of character to transform the Oakland Raiders into a consistent and powerful team. R. C. Slocum, a former Aggie coach, suggested there is a difference between "character" of a team and "characters" on a team.

Let's just say that Reggie McKenzie has picked a man who has the potential of transforming a bunch of men who made history in getting penalties to men who will make history, again, in getting victories.

Now that the Oakland Raiders have a coach who has been groomed by several great coaches, there is the potential of moving the Oakland Raiders from a team that entertains the Raider Nation to a team that inspires a Raider empire, a collection of believers in "Just win, baby."

Now, I can personally blend the passion and energy acquired from being a part of Muster and the Texas A&M University (TAMU) nation with the passion for excellence and the renewed spirit to become a "Just win, baby" empire.

Again, we welcome Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen. By the way, when Allen was young, he was a "blue Raider" in Hurst, Tex. Now, he is an authentic Oakland Raider in Silver and Black.