Philadelphia Flyers: 3 Reasons They Have to Trade Bobrovsky or Bryzgalov

Joe Russomanno@@jriding4evrCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2012

Philadelphia Flyers: 3 Reasons They Have to Trade Bobrovsky or Bryzgalov

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    Sergei Bobrovsky is winning the hearts of Philadelphia Flyer fans with each game.

    The same can't be said for the man he is playing second fiddle to—Ilya Bryzgalov.

    Bobrovsky's play could easily earn him the starting job if Bryzgalov can't get it going in the second half.

    As I highlighted in a previous article, there could be teams willing to take on the hefty contract of Bryzgalov.

    That being the case, it's safe to say there are teams even more willing to take on Bobrovsky's much lighter cap hit.

    Personally, I would love for the Flyers to hold onto Bobrovsky like the Vancouver Canucks with Corey Schneider.

    Allow me to present three pressing issues that could force the Flyers to trade either Bobrovsky or Bryzgalov.

Cap Management

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    The collective bargaining agreement is in its final year.

    There is too much uncertainty going forward in terms of salary cap restrictions. It appears the cap should go up, but there is no guarantee.

    As things are, the Flyers are chained to Bryzgalov for the next eight years after this season. That is just a reality that they have to accept at this point.

    Sergei Bobrovsky is going to be a restricted free agent after next season. If he really wants to, he could threaten to play in Russia until the Flyers relinquish his rights, provided he wants to be the full-time starter and be paid accordingly.

    Instead of waiting for this, eventuality it might be best to move one goalie if the opportunity arises.

    Ed Snider does not like operating in the unknown. For that same reason, they traded for Bryzgalov and settled a contract before he became a free agent.

    That same logic may lead to one goalie's early departure from Philly.

Void Left by Chris Pronger Needs Filled

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    If the Flyers can continue receiving balanced scoring from their forwards, it makes sense to shore up the blueline.

    Reports on Pronger's condition indicate that he might not ever comeback. A big part of the team's plans going forward, including signing Bryzgalov, was having that sure-fire defenseman that erases mistakes like a ticked off school teacher.

    Whether you're in Bryzgalov's lobby or Bobrovsky's, you can see that the team has major flaws in their own zone.

    A defenseman like Pronger eliminates not all, but most, of these occurrences. Since Pronger is lost at least for the season, the Flyers need to make a move sooner or later to replace the 37-year-old veteran.

    Either goalie, most likely Bobrovsky, could be used to acquire a solution.

Bryzgalov Returns to Form

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    If Bryzgalov comes out after the All-Star break putting up numbers like during his Phoenix days, Bobrovsky becomes that much more expendable.

    Even though a lot of fans would love for Bobrovsky to be the goalie of the future, Ed Snider wants to win now.

    With the games in the second half of the season being more consistent, it begs to reason that, perhaps, Bryzgalov can find some consistency himself.

    Should that happen, and the missing piece is a defenseman that trading Bobrovsky gets you, then Paul Holmgren will be hard pressed to make that decision.

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