WWE Fantasy: NXT 1/31

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WWE Fantasy: NXT 1/31

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    Hey, Bleacher Report, and welcome to this edition of Fantasy NXT. Sorry it has come so late, but things have been pushed back a bit as of recent due to the Royal Rumble taking place on Wednesday. 

    At the end of the show, please comment with any suggestions, questions and/or criticism. Also, please leave a rating out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best). Any feedback would be extremely beneficial.

    Now onto the show....

    The intro rolls and we are ready for WWE NXT!

Opening Segment

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    MVP comes out to start the show, and he is accompanied by Percy Watson.

    MVP: Last week, I was screwed out of winning the NXT Championship. However, I'm not surprised about what happened. Both JBL and Johnny Curtis are cowards, and what they did last week was a perfect example. Th—

    Bells begin to sound, and out comes JBL, alongside Johnny Curtis, Big E. Langston and Maxine.

    JBL: You may want to watch your tongue, Montel. I did the right thing last week by screwing you out of the title. You are a nobody, a fluke. I am trying to make this show relevant and you are getting in my way.

    MVP: If you are trying to make this show relevant, then why are you putting the title around Curtis' waist? He hasn't done anything other than get destroyed by Mark Henry in 45 seconds.

    Johnny whispers something in JBL's ear, causing both men to smile.

    JBL: You will regret insulting my protege because tonight, you will be in action. The main event for tonight will be Big E. Langston versus MVP inside of a steel cage. If you win, you are No. 1 contender. However, if you lose, you are fired!

    MVP: You got yourself a deal. It doesn't matter who you throw in my way, Bradshaw, because that title will be mine.

    Montel and Percy are leaving the ring, but are stopped by JBL.

    JBL: You may want to stay in the ring, Percy, because you have a match up next against the NXT World Heavyweight Champion Johnny Curtis!

Match 1: Johnny Curtis vs. Percy Watson

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    Johnny and Percy stay in the ring and a ref comes down for the match. The bell sounds and the match begins.

    Percy starts out hitting a shoulder block. When Curtis gets to his feet, he runs at Watson but is reversed into a hip toss. Johnny tries getting up, but Percy once again sends Johnny back down, this time with a flying clothesline. Curtis looks to be in trouble as he pulls himself up. Watson goes for a dropkick, but Johnny moves out of the way, sending Percy crashing to the ground. Curtis then connects with a back suplex, followed up with a pin. One...two...kick out!

    Curtis continues his offense, going out on the apron. Percy is still down and Johnny goes for a slingshot leg drop. However, Watson is able to move out of the way just in time. Curtis' legs smack hard against the canvas as he writhes in pain. Percy signals it is over as he waits for Johnny to stand. When Curtis gets up, Percy connects with Show's Over! He goes for the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Percy tries arguing with the referee but to no avail. Watson then turns his attention back to Curtis. Percy grabs a hold of Johnny's arm and locks in the Fujiwara Armbar. Curtis has nowhere to go! It seems as though Johnny is about to tap, but he is able to reach the ropes and force Percy to release the hold.

    When Johnny stands, Percy goes for a kick to the gut, but Curtis catches it and hits a dragon screw. Johnny then follows it up with a sitout suplex slam and a cover. One...two...kick out!

    Johnny doesn't stop to argue with the ref. When Watson gets up, Curtis connects with a Johnny Kick. With Percy down, Johnny then climbs to the top rope and goes for leg drop. He connects and makes the pin. One...two...three!!!!


    Johnny celebrates yet another victory! Meanwhile, Percy is tended to by the referee. 

Match 2: MCMG vs. Derrick Bateman and ???

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    Derrick comes out first, and he is holding a microphone.

    Derrick: For two weeks in a row, I have been held down by my incompetent partners. First it was Byron Saxton, and then Finley. However, this week will be different. This week, I will defeat the Motor City Machine Guns! This week, my partner is Conor O'Brien!

    O'Brien comes out first to a mixed reaction in his debut. The Machine Guns are out next, and they get a great reaction from the crowd. Shelley and Conor start out in the ring. The bell sounds and the match is underway.

    Conor quickly connects with a clothesline, followed up with a elbow smash. Shelley gets back to his feet, but he's sent back down by a huge boot to the skull from Conor. O'Brien then goes for a powerslam, but Alex is able to slither out of it. When Conor turns around, he is hit with a step-up enzuigiri from Shelley. When Conor gets to his feet, he is hit with an overhead belly-to-back suplex. O'Brien once again pulls himself up but is nailed with a single knee face buster. Conor manages to stay on his feet, but not for long, as Shelley connects with Asai DDT. With O'Brien down, Alex makes the tag, bringing Sabin into the match. Chris quickly goes on the offense, connecting with a Hilo. Sabin makes the cover. One...two...Bateman breaks it up!

    Derrick begins pummeling Chris, but he's soon stopped by a dropkick from Shelley. Bateman gets sent careening to the outside. When Derrick gets to his feet, Shelley hits a springboard triangle plancha. Meanwhile, inside the ring, both Sabin and Conor are down. Sabin gets up first, and when O'Brien stands, Chris hits a one-handed bulldog. Sabin makes another cover. One...two...kick out!

    Frustrated, Chris heads to the top rope. When O'Brien stands, Sabin goes for a flying crossbody, but Conor is able to move out of the way. O'Brien is in control and signals that the match is coming to an end. When Sabin gets to his feet, Conor hits a full nelson slam. He makes the cover. One...two...kick out!

Match 2: MCMG vs. Derrick Bateman and Conor O'Brien (Cont.)

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    Conor is shocked and begins arguing with the referee. He looks to be going back on the attack, but Bateman demands to be tagged in. O'Brien eventually obliges, bringing Derrick into the match. Bateman immediately locks in the submission move Crossface. Sabin immediately looks like he is going to tap. It seems as if Chris is about to give in, but he finally reaches the ropes, forcing Derrick to let go. 

    Bateman then heads to the top rope. When Chris gets up, Derrick goes for a missile dropkick, but he misses! Sabin quickly tags in his partner Shelley. Together, they connect with Made in Detroit! Shelley makes the pin while Conor O'Brien looks on in disgust. 1...2...3!!!!


    The Machine Guns celebrate another victory over Derrick Bateman, who is still unconscious on the mat. Conor O'Brien doesn't bother to help out his tag partner.

Promo 1: Dante Dash and Darren Young in-Ring Segment

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    "Rise Up" by Disciple hits and out comes Darren Young alongside Dante Dash. Both men are holding microphones.

    Darren: For months, I have watched wrestlers come and go from NXT. However, one thing has stayed the same. And that is I am the best this show has to offer. Along with my partner, Dante, I vow to make an impact!

    Dante: Alone, we are unstoppable. Together, we are simply the best. It i—

    Jacob Novak interrupts them as he comes out with a mic in his hand.

    Jacob: You two are nothing more than a couple of wannabes. I'm the real deal! Last week, you guys assaulted me in a two-on-one attack. However, this week I brought backup. I found another man who was a victim of your assault. 

    "My name is Finley and I love to fight!" Out comes the Irish superstar, and he runs down to the ring with Novak.

    Novak is immediately pummeled by Young. Meanwhile, Finley begins pounding on Dash. Jacob is in trouble, but he escapes and slides out of the ring. Finley is left to fend for himself. Darren grabs the Irish superstar from behind and hits a dropkick. Dante gets up and grabs a hold of Finley, locking in a sleeper hold A.K.A. Dante's Wish. Dash doesn't let go until Finley is unconscious. With the Irish superstar passed out, Young picks him up and connects with a gut buster.

    Meanwhile, Novak looks on from the entrance ramp. Darren picks up his microphone.

    Darren: It doesn't matter who you put in our way, Novak, because we are simply the best!

    Novak heads to the locker room with a frustrated look on his face.

Match 3: D'Angelo Dinero vs. ???

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    D'Angelo Dinero comes out first and he gets a good pop from the fans. Austin Aries then comes out with a microphone. 

    Austin: Last week, I told you that you have to earn a match against me. Well, that starts tonight. Your opponent will be...Titus O'Neil!!!

    Dinero doesn't seem impressed as O'Neil makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two men lock up.

    Titus starts out with a kick to the torso, followed with a belly-to-belly suplex. Titus then bounces off the ropes and connects with a flying clothesline. When Dinero gets to his feet, O'Neil hits a pendulum backbreaker and makes the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Titus then picks D'Angelo up and nails a hard powerslam. O'Neil then follows it with a sidewalk slam and a cover. One...two....kick out!!

    O'Neil is frustrated, but he continues his offense. Titus prepares for a power bomb, but Dinero reverses it into a sit out Alabama slam. He makes the cover. One...two...kick out!

    When Titus gets to his feet, D'Angelo nails an STO. Dinero then signals that the end is near! When O'Neil stands, D'Angelo goes for a double knee face breaker, but Titus catches Dinero and tosses him to the ground. When D'Angelo stands back up, Titus hits the Clash of Titus!! He makes the pin. One...two...kick out!!!!

    Titus is shocked and begins arguing with the ref. When he turns around, Dinero is already on his feet. O'Neil runs at the Pope, but he's reversed into a drop toe hold. Titus lands with his hands and arms over the second rope. Seeing the opportunity, D'Angelo connects with his patented Coronation! He slides back into the ring and makes the pin. One...two...kick out!

Match 3: D'Angelo Dinero vs. Titus O'Neil (Cont.)

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    Dinero is frustrated, but he doesn't stop to argue with the referee. He drags Titus over near the corner, and backs up for a running start. D'Angelo then connects with an outer limits elbow drop. He drags O'Neil back into the middle of the ring and makes the pin attempt. One...two...kick out!!!

    D'Angelo is shocked, but once again, he continues to work.  D'Angelo Irish whips Titus into the corner, with O'Neil facing the turnbuckle. D'Angelo then nails the DDE. Instead of making the pin, Dinero seals it by picking O'Neil up and hitting the move once known as the Elijah Express! He makes the pin. One...two...three!!!  


    Aries immediately slides into the ring and attacks the Pope from behind. Austin picks O'Neil up and connects with a brain buster. Aeries then grabs a microphone.

    Austin: Tonight, you proved me nothing. You should have beat Titus easily. However, you came a split second away from losing. If you want a match against me, you're gonna need to show me more. As of now, you don't stand a chance against a competitor of my caliber.

Match 4: Shaul Guerrero vs. Naomi

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    Shaul comes out first and she gets a good reaction from the fans. Naomi is out next and she has a microphone.

    Naomi: When I first came here to NXT, I pandered to you people. I did whatever it took for you people not to vote me off the show. However, in the end, I came up short. Since then I have changed. I no longer care about the WWE Universe. The only person I care about is myself! You people did nothing but hold me back. Now that I'm on my own, I'm going to prove that I should have won this show instead of that sad excuse for a wrestler, Kaitlyn.

    Both woman get in the ring and prepare for the match. The ref calls for the bell and the two women lock up. Naomi starts out on the offense, locking in a headlock followed up by a headlock takedown. Guerrero seems to be in trouble but is able to get to her feet. She then throws a few elbows to break out of the predicament. Finally free, Shaul bounces of the ropes and hits a running cross body. When Naomi gets back up, Shaul hits a head scissors takedown, sending her straight back down to the canvas. Guerrero then heads to the top rope. Naomi gets up and Shaul nails a missile dropkick! She makes the cover. One...two...kick out!

    Guerrero gets back up and continues her offense. She picks Naomi up and hits a German Suplex, sending the former NXT rookie's upper neck crashing to the mat. Shaul then picks Naomi up for a powerslam, but she is able to escape. When Guerrero turns back around, she is met by a roundhouse kick from Naomi. The former NXT rookie then connects with a spinning heel kick and goes for the cover. One...two...kick out!!

    Naomi isn't phased by the kick out! When Guerrero gets up, Naomi goes for a dropkick but Shaul rolls over. Guerrero then picks the former NXT competitor up and hits a shoulder backbreaker. With Naomi down, Shaul heads to the top rope. She goes for a flying cross body, but Naomi rolls through and makes the pin. One...two...three!!!!!


    Naomi quickly runs out of the ring before Shaul can reach her. Guerrero is fuming after her first loss here on NXT.

Promo 2: Luke Robinson Backstage

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    Backstage, Matt Striker is with Luke Robinson.

    Matt: Luke, last week you made your debut here on NXT. What do you think your future holds here?

    Luke: Well, I have been here just one week, and it is already painfully obvious that I am the best this show has to offer. I got the look of the star, and I back it up every time I step in the ring. But my eyes are set on something much bigger, and that is the NXT World Heavyweight Championship. The fact that their is a No. 1 contender match tonight that I'm not involved in disgusts me.

    Matt: You seem confident that you should be champion. Speaking of champions, how long do you think Curtis' title reign will actually last?

    Luke: Curtis will hold the title as long as he hides behind his little friends. I am a lot of things, but I'm not a coward. If I have an issue, I settle it man-to-man inside that ring. I don't hire people to do it for me.

    Matt: Thanks for your time, Luke.

    Luke: No problem, Matty.

Main Event: Big E. Langston vs. MVP (Steel Cage Match for No. 1 Contender)

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    Accompanied by Percy Watson, MVP is out first, and he gets a great reaction from the fans. Big E. Langston follows, alongside Johnny Curtis, JBL and Maxine. The two men get in the ring and the cage gets brought down. The bell rings and the match is underway.

    Big E. quickly hits a shoulder block, sending Montel down to the mat. When MVP gets back up, Langston nails a leaping clothesline, followed up with an arm DDT. Big E. then picks him up and hits a fallaway slam, sending Montel straight into the steel! Langston works quickly, picking MVP up over his head and nailing a Military Press Slam. Porter is able to get back up, but Big E. goes for a spear. However, Montel moves out of the way, and Langston runs straight into pure steel. Seeing the opportunity, MVP begins his climb to the top of the cage. He gets about half way and Big E. stops him. The two begin trading blows until Langston gets the advantage when he smashes MVP's face straight into the cage. Porter is hanging on with one hand, but barely. With Montel vulnerable, Big E. grabs him and nails a huge spine buster off the side of the cage. He makes the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Big E. is shocked but continues to work. He lifts MVP on his shoulder and nails a running powerslam into the cage. Montel falls in the space between the ropes and the cage. When he gets up, Langston connects with a few shoulder thrusts that send Porter's back into the steel. Big E. then starts climbing out of the cage. He is grabbing the top when MVP grabs his leg. Montel is able to pull Langston back down to the canvas and starts landing some punches. Big E. staggers back before running at Porter for an attempted clothesline. However, MVP reverses it into an over-the-head, belly-to-belly suplex. Langston starts to get up, but MVP hits a drive by kick and makes the cover. One...two...kick out!

    Porter immediately starts his climb out of the cage. He is able to reach the top of the cage, but as Montel is getting out, Big E. grabs his leg. MVP hangs upside down on the outside, just a few feet away from winning. Langston uses all his strength to pull MVP back on top of the cage where the two men duke it out. 

Main Event: Big E. Langston vs. MVP (Steel Cage Match for No. 1 Contender) Cont.

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    Langston starts connecting with punches, but MVP goes right back at him, getting in a few blows of his own. The two trade back and forth until Big E. grabs the head of Porter and smacks it hard into the steel. Langston then goes to toss MVP back into the ring, but Montel holds onto Big E. and they both go crashing to the canvas. They both lie motionless on the mat. 

    After a nearly a minute, both men get up. Big E. goes for a big boot, but Montel ducks it. When Langston turns around, MVP hits the Play of the Day! Porter is in extreme pain and can't reach Big E. to make the pin. He finally reaches him for the cover, but it may be too late. One...two...kick out!

    MVP is dumbfounded, but he doesn't waste time. He immediately tries to escape the cage. He starts to climb, but at the same time, Big E. begins to drags himself over to the cage door, which the referee opened up. They both are edging closer, but it is too close to call a winner. Langston is able to get his body out of the cage, but he still needs his feet to hit the floor. At the same time, Montel is able to pull himself onto the top of the cage. Seeing that Langston is nearly out, Porter takes a huge risk, jumping off the top of the cage and down to the floor!


    The second Montel hits the mat, Curtis jumps him. Percy tries to come to his partner's aid, but he's hit with a clothesline from hell by JBL. JBL then holds MVP down as Johnny climbs up to the top of the cage. Once he reaches the top, Curtis comes flying back down with a leg drop to Porter. He then grabs his title and celebrates with Maxine and JBL. Meanwhile, Big E. still can't get to his feet, as he lies unconscious by the steel steps. The show ends with the group taunting the crowd.


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