Jimmy Rollins: Things We'd Love the Phillies Shortstop to Do Before He Retires

Eddie Ravert@@eddie_rageContributor IIJanuary 24, 2012

Jimmy Rollins: Things We'd Love the Phillies Shortstop to Do Before He Retires

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    Say it is so folks, the one and only Jimmy Rollins is staying in the red pin strips for at least three more years.

    J-Roll recently agreed to terms to stay a Philadelphia Phillie for a three-year, $33 million deal. The former National League MVP says he has plenty left in the tank.

    There's no doubt Rollins has not only been the face of this franchise for the past decade but he has also built quite the resume.

    With a vesting option for a fourth year, Rollins already has a proven track record during his tenure with the Phillies.

    However, here are a couple more notches on the Rollins belt Phils fans would love to see the flashy shortstop accomplish before he hangs up the cleats for good.  

No. 10: Win Another Gold Glove

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    Although he is 33 years old, which in the baseball world is considered old, Rollins is still one of the best defensive shortstops playing the game.

    He makes the hard plays look easy with style and finesse and is a machine on the routine ground balls. All his throws are made with perfect accuracy going right to Ryan Howard's chest.

    He may have lost a step or two, naturally, but nothing significant in terms of fielding. He has an impeccable career fielding percentage of .984 and still has as strong an arm as any other shortstop in the National League.

    Therefore, I would love to see Jimmy win at least one more Gold Glove award. The last time he won the award was in 2009, which was only two years ago.

    He has put up Gold Glove numbers the past two seasons, so I don't see why he won't win one more in the next three seasons.  

No. 9: Make Another All-Star Game

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    Jimmy Rollins has been elected to four All-Star games over his career. However, he hasn't been to one since 2005.

    He hasn't really been putting up All-Star caliber numbers in recent years, but in today's world, the All-Star game is becoming more of a popularity contest more than anything, and J-Roll is certainly popular.

    With all the fan voting that occurs and last minute guys who get a chance to play in the game due to various reasons, Rollins could easily find his way into the National League lineup before he retires.

    Plus, Jimmy is one of the most active Twitter users in MLB and I wouldn't be surprised if they had some sort of Twitter voting in the coming years. 

    Then again, if he can find some way to play as consistent as he was a couple years ago, he could be an All-Star the old fashion way. 

No. 8: Have a 30 for 30 Made

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    What is a 30 for 30? They are short films produced by ESPN detailing a specific event or person in sports history. They usually have a strong message and are very emotional.

    Jimmy Rollins would be the perfect person to have a 30 for 30 film made after him and his life. The director could mic him up for a couple games, which is always entertaining, and they could go into detail about his life growing up in Oakland.

    Not many people are suitable to play in this town, especially those from the west coast. Jimmy has been the Phillies for the entire 2000s. He is an icon amongst Philadelphians. 

    Obviously, there are probably more important things fans would want Rollins to do for the club, but I bet they would all tune in to watch a 30 for 30 made of their J-Roll.

No. 7: Remain Healthy

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    Rollins has had his fair share of injuries throughout his career.

    The bright side is none have been too major or seem to have affected his long-term play. They have ranged anywhere from pulled hamstrings to strained groins.

    I'm not saying these aren't severe injuries because they are, especially in baseball. But J-Roll hasn't ever missed any significant amount of time during his career.

    He's not going to get any younger, so how will the 33-year-old hold up? Phils fans are hoping he can remain, for the most part, entirely healthy. Rollins missed some time last year and his absence greatly reflected how the team played, poor.

    Michael Martinez and Wilson Valdez are not the guys you want playing shortstop for your ballclub. But if Jimmy gets injured, those are the guys who will fill in at short.

    Also, Rollins provides an emotional boost to the team, so even his very presence on the field makes the Phillies better. 

No. 6: Become the Phillies All-Time Leader in Doubles

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    He is currently ranked third all-time in the Phillies organization for doubles with 388.

    Yes, he does have a bit of a plate discipline problem and oftentimes swings at the first pitch resulting in a routine fly ball.

    However, doubles are his thing. He has turned more singles into doubles because of his speed alone.

    Most of his doubles come from balls hit right down the line that roll all the way to the corner of the wall, which he could basically sleep walk to second on those. 

    He can also crush them into the gap, like in the picture where he took Jonathan Broxton to right-center for the game-winner in Game 4 of the 2009 NLCS.

    He will have to pass Phillies greats Mike Schmidt and Ed Delahanty to accomplish this great task, as Delahanty leads the organization with 442 doubles and Schmidt has 408.

No. 5: Reach 2,000 Hits

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    To date, Rollins has 1,866 career hits, just 134 shy of 2,000.

    Last season, in 142 games played, he had 152 hits.

    Needless to say, I think J-Roll will be a sure thing to get 2,000 hits, unless his game goes down the drain or he gets severely injured. 

No. 4: Win Some Sort of MVP

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    While it may be a bit of a reach to see Rollins win another National League MVP, I don't think it's too far-fetched to think he could win the MVP of a series.

    He leads this team every day, his teammates listens to him and he puts his team on his back.

    J-Roll can take over a game at any time that's why I want to see him win either the NLCS MVP or even better the World Series MVP.

No. 3: Have Some Big Walk-off Hits

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    There's no better or more exciting play in baseball than the walk-off hit.

    There really aren't many more better or exciting shortstops out there than Jimmy Rollins.

    Why don't these two get together and hang out sometime?

    J-Roll has been clutch at times for the Phillies. Arguably his most famous walk-off hit, that I alluded to earlier, came in the 2009 NLCS in Game 4 off of Jonathan Broxton. It was at Citizens Bank Park where Rollins sent the pitch from the flame-thrower into right-center field, resulting in a Phillies 5-4 win.

    In his final remaining years, there wouldn't be anyone else who would be more thrilled to hit a walk-off for the Phils than Jimmy himself.

    Without drama there is no show and without no show there are no heros. Let's hope Jimmy has a few more tricks up his sleeve to be the hero for the Phils. 

No. 2: Get in the Top 40 on the All-Time Steals List

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    J-Roll is currently ranked 90th on the MLB all-time steals list with 373. 

    In order to crack the top 40, he will need to get to 487.

    That means he needs 114 more steals to get in the Top 40.

    Say he plays four more years, he will need to average 28.5 steals per season. His career average is 37 per season.

    Still with me?

    This really all depends on how healthy Rollins can stay and how often he plays.

    He hasn't lost a significant amount of speed, but one nagging injury could really prevent him from becoming a Top 40 base stealer.

    This would be great if he could establish himself as a great base stealer because he has so much talent and speed, both of which are a big part of his game.

No. 1: Win a World Series

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    Not only do fans want to see J-Roll win a World Series ring, but they themselves want to win a World Series Championship for Philly.

    What a better way to go out than on top, and Rollins certainly has the ability and team to do just that. 

    He won a ring in 2008 but has been denied one since then. You can bet Jimmy is going to be hungry to get at least one more World Series championship with the Phillies before he retires.

    In his next three to four years, look to Jimmy Rollins to lead the Phillies to the promised land, because if there's one person who can do that, it's J-Roll himself.