5 Most Overrated Philadelphia Eagles of All Time

WesAnalyst IJanuary 23, 2012

5 Most Overrated Philadelphia Eagles of All Time

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    It was painful to watch Eli Manning engineer another comeback and guide the New York Giants to a 20-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers for the right to play in Super Bowl XLVI.

    It was even more painful to think about the Philadelphia Eagles' zero Super Bowl trophies.

    But, that's the way it is Philadelphia. The team continuously finds a way to squander opportunities while teams like the Giants capitalize on every break that goes their way. Part of the reason is due to something that is unexplainable. It's as if the football gods smile down on certain teams while stomping out the dreams of other franchises.

    The other part comes down to coaches and players who are actually good and not wildly overrated. If the Lombardi Trophy went to the team with the latter, the Eagles would make the Green Bay Packers' and Pittsburgh Steelers' trophy case look empty.

    Until someone steps up and delivers, the Eagles will be left with dust and painful memories filling an otherwise empty shelf. 

No. 5: Donovan McNabb

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    Donovan McNabb is the greatest quarterback in franchise history.

    But what does that mean exactly?

    Are we supposed to accept that as something great? This is, after all, a franchise that registered a handful of playoff appearances during a half century of its existence.

    It's like saying Mark Brunell is the greatest quarterback in Jacksonville Jaguars history or Neil Lomax tops the charts for the Arizona Cardinals.

    Win something and be relevant outside of Philadelphia.

    Eli Manning has been in two conference championships. His first was on the road in Green Bay. Tom Coughin's face almost fell apart due to the freezing conditions.

    Manning won.

    His next game came Sunday on the road against San Francisco. It was wet, windy and a mess.

    Manning won again.

    McNabb lost twice at home. One was against Tampa Bay and the other came at the hands of Carolina.

    You gotta be better than that, Donnie.

No. 4: Nnamdi Asomugha

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    Nnamdi Asomugha was here for one year and he instantly cracked the list due to an inability to perform as a shutdown corner or to come up with any picks.

    What was he doing out there this year? Is it possible Juan Castillo was really that bad? OK, maybe the second question should be taken away.

    He was supposed to be the missing piece to solidifying the secondary. Instead, he turned into an overpaid, overrated cornerback.

No. 3: Jim Johnson's Postseason Defenses

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    Jim Johnson was the coordinator from 1999-2009 and was one of the main reasons for the Eagles' continued success year after year.

    But when it came to the NFC Championship, the defense wouldn't come up as big as it did during the regular season. A lot of the heat in those games fell at the feet of McNabb, and rightfully so.

    The problem was the defense got off the hook completely for some of those games and too much of the blame went in McNabb's direction.

    To gain a greater appreciation of how bad the defense was in playoff losses, check out this article from Phil Andrews of BleacherReport.com

    Andrews highlighted the NFC title games, along with the 2009 Wild Card Game. Since Johnson passed away prior to the 2009 playoff game in Dallas, there is no need to count that game.

    If you remove that game, the Eagles defense forced three turnovers and allowed 23.8 points per game.

    I honestly put most of the blame on McNabb, but since the defense never takes the heat it deserves it lands higher on this list.

No. 2: Randall Cunningham

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    Randall Cunningham had a highlight reel worth millions, but his football IQ was worthless.

    Everyone enjoyed watching Cunningham play the game. He was exciting and it always seemed like he played with a reckless abandon that suggested he was willing to sacrifice his well-being for a win.

    As it turned out, the sacrifice was worth one playoff win.

    The strange thing about Cunningham is that even though he is overrated, he is one of the most popular Eagles of all time. And even though his playoff history is dismal he is probably more liked than Donovan McNabb.

No. 1: Buddy Ryan

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    Look, we all love Buddy Buddy.

    He hated the Cowboys and his passion was equal with the fans. Unfortunately, he had the same number of playoff wins as the fans, too: donut.

    In five seasons with the Eagles he went to the playoffs only three times and he lost each time despite having one of the greatest defenses in the history of the NFL.

    He was the ant-Lombardi.

    Ryan couldn't figure out how to run an offense to save his life—or, in his case, his job.

    Yet, despite all of his failures, he is one of the most loved coaches in Philadelphia sports history.

    It's unexplainable, but that's the way it is.