Jose Mourinho Accuses Real Madrid Players of Treason

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IJanuary 23, 2012

Jose Mourinho
Jose MourinhoJasper Juinen/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid manager) has accused certain Real Madrid players of conducting a whispering campaign against him in the press.  He went as far as to accuse them of treason.

The accusations were published by Marca which is a pro Real Madrid magazine and reported in Ninemsn.

Marca even reported a heated exchange of words between Sergio Ramos and Mourinho. During the exchange, Ramos commented about changing positions with Pepe.

Mourinho replied by accusing Ramos of wanting to take over as Real Madrid manager. Ramos responded by telling Mourinho that he never "won the shirt of a high level player."

Is this the beginning of a revolt against Mourinho by Real Madrid or is it a prearranged fight to garner attention? Regardless of the answer, the whole Mourinho and Pepe incident is rotten to the core.

Zidane defending Mourinho and Pepe is not surprising given his famous headbutt incident in the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany.

What Pepe did last week to Messi in the Copa Del Rey was troubling. It is a product of what Mourinho has brought to Real Madrid and its players.

It is hoped that the next Copa Del Rey between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are free of incidents such as Pepe stomping Messi's hand. My only desire is to see a friendly rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona independent of who supports which team.