The Best Jacksonville Jaguars Players of 2011

Soven Bery@@realsovenberySenior Analyst IJanuary 22, 2012

The Best Jacksonville Jaguars Players of 2011

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    This is a team that mustered only five wins in the 2011 season. A bag of Chex Mix was put together better than this team.

    The whole season, the monkey clung on their back like an annoying ex-girlfriend. 

    There should be no happiness. Jaguars fans should be succumbed to feeling no excitement for this team.

    Every game was as painful as watching a Twilight movie. But in the darkest of times, there were a few players who showed that they are here to stay. 

    These players showed that they deserved to be rewarded.

    So here I am, to reward them. 

Daryl Smith

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    He may not be a household name yet, but Daryl Smith quietly had a great year. He had a great game against Cincinnati in Week 5 and then followed that up with a huge showing in an upset win over the Ravens

    Smith posted 107 tackles, two forced fumbles and an interception this year. He is playing like a real star. This year he was one of the best 4-3 outside linebackers in the NFL.

Paul Posluszny

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    This is the first year in Jacksonville for Paul Posluszny, but the splash he made is bigger then the fat kid jumping in the deep end.

    Last year Posluszny put up great numbers in Buffalo, and while they decreased a little bit for the Jaguars, he still managed to lead the team in total tackles (119) and interceptions (2). 

    He is a bruising linebacker and led a Jacksonville defense that ranked eight at stopping the pass and ninth at stopping the run in the whole NFL.

    He will continue to shine, as Posluszny is a natural athlete. 

Maurice Jones-Drew

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    I would be crazier then the cast of Jersey Shore for not including Jones-Drew in this definitive list.

    In my eyes MJD was the best running back in the NFL in 2011. 

    He captured the NFL rushing title, gaining 1,606 yards on the ground and averaging 100.4 yards per game—an NFL best. He did that behind an offensive line that ranked 31st in the league. 

    What makes these stats even more impressive is that the Jaguars offense ranked last in the NFL when passing the ball—something everyone knew that Jacksonville wasn't going to do.

    MJD is rushing for 100 yards per game with nine defensive players in the box.

    Simply amazing. 

Greg Jones

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    Okay, so MJD put up career numbers with no help at all, right? 

    Wrong. That is just completely wrong.

    He had Greg Jones clearing the path for him like a Lewis and Clark trailblazer. Jones is a great lead blocker and showed that this year as Jones-Drew led the league in rushing yards. 

    When the offensive line could not come through and block, Jones could. He can both block for the QB in pass protection and catch balls.

    While age is an issue, Jones played well this year, showing his presence on Jones-Drew's runs.