Memo to Brian Urlacher: Grow up Already

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IJanuary 5, 2009

Brian Urlacher thinks we have been unfair to him.

Brian Urlacher thinks we do not know anything about football.

Brian Urlacher does not think he had a bad season in 2008.

I think Brian Urlacher is misguided at best.

This is the same guy who in the offseason held out for more money after "outplaying" his previous contract.

The same guy who has made almost as many commercials as Peyton Manning has.

The same guy who will take the cheers of the fans and their money, without taking the criticism.

Urlacher has told the Chicago Tribune that any criticism of him this year was unfair and that anyone who criticizes him does not know anything about football.

I may not be Vince Lombardi, but I know bad when I see it.

I saw him getting pancaked by the Packers in Green Bay (when he wasn't getting pushed five yards deep into the end zone).

I saw him wearing Houston Texan blockers all day in Week 17.

Come to think of it I do not recall him shedding too many blocks at all this year.

He has a point that the whole season was not his fault. Not every big play (of the many) against the Bears' overrated and overpaid defense was solely his fault, but he has to take some blame for this disaster.

I am hopeful that this bad year was a result of his back and neck injuries adding up. I hope that he can come back and earn the money he has been given.

I hope.

I don't know if he can be the player he was before. I do know that he has to improve his poor attitude toward the media and fans.

Brian, if you take the adulation of the fans and their money when they buy your jerseys and the products you shamelessly hock, you have to take the fair criticism.

You can't continue to have it both ways.