NBA Trade Talk: Dwight Howard to Mavericks Trade Scenario

Cody CurrieCorrespondent IIMarch 31, 2017

There has been much talk about the future of superstar center Dwight Howard the past two seasons.

Many believe he will opt out of his contract and leave the Orlando Magic this offseason, and the Magic, while wanting him to stay, will not want to lose him for nothing.  

Among the teams that are interested in acquiring him are the defending champion Dallas Mavericks, who let a number of key players go in the offseason in order to have the cap space to add a superstar.  

Here is a three-team deal landing Howard in Dallas:

Mavericks get: Dwight Howard

Magic get: Brendan Haywood, Shawn Marion, Linas Kleiza, Jerryd Bayless, DAL first-round pick, TOR second-round pick

Raptors get: JJ Redick, Chris Duhon


Why the Mavericks would do it:

Mark Cuban made it clear that he wanted to land a superstar in this upcoming offseason and saw to it that the team would have the necessary cap space for it to happen.  

In this trade, the Mavericks receive the best center in the league, who would form an unstoppable frontcourt tandem with forward Dirk Nowitzki.  

Howard would provide the Mavericks with an elite post option and a defensive presence that is even more intimidating and effective than Tyson Chandler was last season.  

Combining Howard's power game with Nowitzki's jump shooting and driving ability as well as the team's sharpshooting perimeter players would drive opposing teams trying to guard them insane.

The Mavericks would lose Haywood, Marion and a first rounder, but this is a deal that Cuban would make in a heartbeat.  


Why the Magic would do it:

The Magic want players that can be building blocks for the franchise should they be forced to trade Howard.  

In this trade, they would acquire a strong defensive center in Haywood who played well as a starter in Washington before being traded to Dallas and becoming Chandler's backup.  He is limited on offense but is a big body who can rebound and block shots as well as discourage players from driving into the paint.

Marion is a versatile and athletic wing, who can defend multiple positions and is excellent in transition.  He is good at driving and finishing at the hoop and is one of the better defenders in the league.

Bayless and Kleiza are young, talented players that are loaded with potential to become very good NBA players.  

Bayless would provide the team with depth behind starter Jameer Nelson and even make him expendable if he plays well.  

Kleiza is a solid overall player who can shoot the three and attack the basket as well as being a solid defender who can guard both forward positions because of his size.  He could step in immediately and be a key contributor on this team.


Why the Raptors would do it:

JJ Redick has emerged as a solid NBA starter for the Magic.

He is an excellent shooter and a very good all around offensive player as well as being a decent defender.  He is a hustler and would help the Raptors in an area of great need: scoring.  

He could start alongside DeMar DeRozan and Jose Calderon. And he would help stretch the floor for DeRozan to attack while having a strong shooter on the outside to keep the defense from collapsing into the paint.  

His presence would open up the floor for this offense and allow the Raptors' athletic players to slash into the paint and get easy buckets.

Duhon has mostly been a backup through his career but he has been solid in his role.  He plays the position well, setting up the offense and scoring when called upon.  

The Raptors are in need of an experienced player who can come off the bench and contribute as well as take a leadership role among the reserves, and Duhon would provide them with that type of player.

This trade would give the Raptors one of the deepest benches in the league and another young player to add to this team.