UFC on FX 1 Results: 3 Questions We Still Have About Pat Barry

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 21, 2012

UFC on FX 1 Results: 3 Questions We Still Have About Pat Barry

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    Barry was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat last night at the inaugural UFC on FX card.

    He did what he always has.

    He arrived joking and full of smiles without any air of attitude or anger and then showed up and fought on fight night.

    He also showed a few things that we have also come to expect from him. Namely, that he almost lost the fight and just barely came back to win it.

    That leads to some other questions as well. Ones that fans won't get to know the answer to until he steps into the cage again.

    Until then, there are three questions that fans are going to have unanswered when it comes to the heavyweight kickboxer.

Will Any Opponent Be Able to Piss off Pat Barry?

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    Barry is a fun-loving guy.

    He admitted to being a fan of Cro Cop before their fight. He is seen smiling and laughing with opponents before their match.

    After the match, win or lose, he is all smiles.

    That brings the question, what will it take to get him angry? Is there anything an opponent could do or say to enrage him?

    Possibly they could make insults about his mom, but Barry might just brush that off.

    Unless he gets matched against someone like Josh Barnett fans may never know.

Will Barry Ever Learn How to Use His Lack of Height to His Advantage?

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    Pat Barry has made a mention that one of his heroes is Mike Tyson. 

    Considering Tyson was an undersized heavyweight in his fights it isn't surprising.

    That is because Barry stands only 5' 11" himself and while that is a decent height for any American male, it pales in comparison to most of the heavyweights in the UFC.

    He should be able to use his kickboxing skills to work inside their guard and take them out, but instead he tries to take them out with leg kicks from the outside. The problem is that an outside range is his opponent's best friend as it allows them to establish their range better than he can enforce his.

    Until he learns how to measure the range that he needs against his opponents properly he won't win fights in MMA.

    That leads to the last question which is...

Can Pat Barry Ever Learn to Deal with Wrestling & Brazilian Jiu-Jistsu?

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    Barry is an undersized heavyweight, but he is also someone who spent a majority of their career and life focusing solely on striking. This has made him exceptional on his feet, but also cost him knowledge and experience when it comes to ground fighting.

    Barry is no slacker and it wouldn't be surprising to know that he trains against wrestling everyday. It still isn't enough as Morecraft was able to take him down and get Barry where he wanted. It was only later in the fight that Barry was able to roar back and get the knockout.

    Barry has improved as he went for a guillotine and was able to spin out of an armbar attempt. The old Barry would never have been able to do those things.

    Its just that his opponent was Christian Morecraft, who though game and a large heavyweight isn't going to have the same skills as a Frank Mir or Cain Velasquez.

    What happens when that comes will show how far Barry has progressed.