FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Pepe's Dark Side in World Football

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IJanuary 21, 2012

FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Pepe's Dark Side in World Football

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    Pepe is the symbol of controversy since he stomped on Lionel Messi's hand during the first leg of La Copa Del Rey at the Santiago Bernabeu. He has since "apologized" for his behavior during a conference published in the Real Madrid webpage. 

    Pepe has exhibited this kind of behavior towards opponents before the Copa Del Rey. The time has come to underline three examples of Pepe's dark side in order to address and deal with this issue.

Pepe Kicks Francisco Casquero During Real Madrid vs. Getafe Match

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    In 2009, Pepe received a red card for aggressive behavior towards Francisco Casquero during the Real Madrid vs. Getafe match. He also assaulted Juan Albin in the face.

    Iker Casillas had to serve as an intermediate between Pepe and the rest of the Getafe team. Pepe apologized for his actions and said that he received enough punishment.

    The apology did not appear sincere since Pepe kept repeating the same behavior (using the Cyndi Lauper song) "Time After Time".

Pepe Kicks Messi in the Face

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    In 2011, Pepe got enraged again during a match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The result was Pepe kicking Leo Messi in the face.

Pepe Steps on Leo Messi's Hand

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    The latest match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will forever live in infamy. It was when Pepe stomped on Leo Messi's hand.

    The action has been condemned by people such as Gerard Pique and Wayne Rooney. The traditionally pro-Real Madrid magazines have also condemned what Pepe did.

    Pepe again "apologized" for his actions but the time has come to give him severe punishment according to the rules of world football.



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