FC Barcelona: View the New Barcelona Kit for 2012-13

Xoel CardenasContributor IIIJanuary 20, 2012

The new Barcelona kit for 2012-13 is here!
The new Barcelona kit for 2012-13 is here!

So I wake up this morning, turn on TV Española, and—as most people—one of the first things I did is check my Facebook (it’s so sad, but you know you do it too). I had seven wall posts asking me about what I thought of the new Barcelona kits.

I thought, “Did I sleep until June, because I don’t remember Barça obtaining a new kit during the transfer window...”

I logged on to Sport.es and there it was.

Sport.es has obtained exclusive access to the design of the new FC Barcelona kit designs for 2012-13. The new feature, as you can see, will be a blurred blaugrana design.

Nike officials presented the design to the club’s board of directors and the design has been approved by them. So far, Nike has not decided if they will move the familiar “Més Que Un Club” words on from inside the collar or to outside of the kit.

As mentioned, the new kit will go away from the defined lines of the blaugrana that we are used to seeing. Instead, we get a blurred design to the familiar azul y grana. In the middle of the kit, you can see the grana color and as you go wider, the color beings to fade and the kit turns to blue. The trim will be orange.

The UNICEF logo will continue to be in the back and the front will of course state, "Qatar Foundation."


The away kit will be somewhat of a throwback as the team will dress in orange. Barcelona wore orange during the 2006-07 season and most memorably during the Johan Cruyff-led 1991-92 European Cup-winning season. Who can forget the images of Pep Guardiola chasing Ronald Koeman around in joyous celebration and wearing the orange kit as Koeman scored the game-winning free kick in the 1992 European Cup final against Sampdoria.

Home, Away, and training shirt for 2012-13
Home, Away, and training shirt for 2012-13


It was Barcelona’s first ever European Championship.

The new away kit is a solid orange at the top and fades into a light orange/almost yellow color at the bottom. The sides will have a bi-color line.

Sport.es also gives us the training shirt and tracksuits for next year as well.


Xoel’s Commentary:

I really like these kits. I'm glad Barça proved me right when I mentioned in a previous article, 10 Things to Expect in 2012, that they would have a good-looking jersey in 2012-13.

As much as I like the traditional defined lines of blaugrana that Barcelona is used to wearing, these kits give a modern look and they're not as boring as this year’s kit.

I’m glad that the azul and grana do not mix it up too much. As you know, blue and red mixed together makes purple; and there’s a team from the Spanish capital that I don’t like that uses purple on their crest and on their kits.



The orange trim is a play on the away kits that they will be wearing.


I like the away kit, albeit they look very much like the Netherlands' home kit. The stripe on the sides is exactly how the Dutch kit is designed as well.

I’m sure Ibrahim Afellay will feel very comfortable wearing the away kit.

The thing I like is the fading orange design. It’s something different from the traditional away kits, hence making the kit stand out from other team’s kits. I’m sure the away kit will bring up good memories for Pep Guardiola every time he will look at it. The kit is like an orange Popsicle: sweet.    

Overall, I think it’s a good design and it will be great to see Lionel Messi, Xavi, Andres Iniesta and the rest of the blaugrana play on the pitch wearing these kits.

I'll be purchasing both home and away kits and I recommend that you do, too.


Give us your opinion and comment on what you think of the new kits. I love hearing from my readers. Look for my special commentary next week on El Clásico 2012: Copa Del Rey Edition.

For your enjoyment, check out this video of Sergio Busquets humiliating Mesut Ozil when Busey pulls the okie-doke on Ozil. I fell on the ground—like Ozil—from laughter.

Visca el Barça!


UPDATE: The day after SPORT.es revealed the new Barcelona kits, here is SPORT.es latest article talking about the impact the news spreading of the new Barcelona kits has had and how it has caused reaction from fans around the globe in less than 24 hours.

As the only writer on a major US sports media site that published the news on the new Barça kits the day the story broke (1/20), I'm very proud to have played a part in helping spread the news of the new kits to all fans. Fans can like the kits or not, but as long as fans are given the news, that is the most important thing. Visca el Barça! 

A big thanks to Bleacher Report for their continued support, SPORT.es, and most importantly, thanks to you, the readers! - Xoel