2012 NFL Free Agents: Is Kyle Orton the Answer to Seahawks' QB Controversy?

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIJanuary 20, 2012

A lot of names are being tossed around for the 2012 Seattle Seahawks' quarterback position. 

Some of the names being considered are Tarvaris Jackson of course, Matt Flynn, Ryan Tannehill, even RG3 or Andrew Luck.

One name that hasn't been discussed very much is Kyle Orton, and this surprises me.

Matt Flynn might be the next quarterback star, but he could also be the next Kevin Kolb.  With Kyle Orton, you know what you're getting.

It's not like he's in the twilight of his career; he's only 29 and capable of leading this team for the next five years.

I'm not saying Kyle Orton is a star quarterback—because he's not and he likely won't be—but he doesn't have to be.

The Seahawks are in a position where if they can get average to slightly above-average play from the quarterback position, they can contend for at least a wild-card berth.

With Kyle Orton, you know you'll be getting at least average quarterback play.  With Tarvaris Jackson?  Not so much.

There is a very slight chance Orton could start in Kansas City, but it appears Matt Cassel has a firm grasp on the job.

With all of these other names being considered, you never know what you'll get.

Matt Flynn could turn out to be Tom Brady, or he could turn into Matt Cassel. 

Ryan Tannehill could turn into Drew Brees, or he could swim in a sea of mediocrity. 

RG3 could become a credible starting quarterback, or he could turn into a bust.

I'm not saying these things are likely to happen, but there is a chance that they end up failing.

Kyle Orton isn't glamorous, and he isn't going to make bold predictions or advertise colognes.  But he is going to give the Seahawks a sense of security at the quarterback position that they haven't had since Matt Hasselbeck left (which, in all honesty, hasn't been that long).

If nothing else, he will at least push T Jack harder in training camp for the starting job.

Orton doesn't need to play the superman role.  He just needs to play consistently and stay healthy.  The Seahawks defense and running game is good enough to take care of the rest.

If he can do that, then Seattle will have its quarterback for the next four or five years.