Oakland Raiders: Turn Up the Circus Music, Al Davis Is Coach Hunting Again

Mike SommersContributor IJanuary 5, 2009

Well here we are in such familiar territory as a Raider fan. The search for a head coach...AGAIN!

Although it seems that we have a head coach currently, Mr. Al Davis is finding it necessary to scour the earth for a new one.

Isn't this getting old for him? It is for me and many other Raider faithful.

It seems apparent to me and many others that we could be just fine by signing Tom Cable to continue as the head coach. I say let's do that and focus on getting him the correct coaching support he needs to get the offense and defense jumping (and no I don't mean offsides).

I have written this before that leaving Cable as the head coach will bring some much needed stability to the team. Hiring any new person will be a step backward before making any progress forward. So let's spare the team, and the fans, the change.

Here is the reality though, if Davis planned on keeping Tom Cable as the head coach of the Raiders, he wouldn't be interviewing anyone except Cable and one minority candidate as required by the NFL. Mr. Davis could then satisfy the NFL regulations, pat Cable on the back and move forward to finding the right offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator for this team.

But NO WAIT...This is Al Davis...the master of the NFL style soap opera...the man that goes out of his way to dramatize any move he makes.

From reports and news around the sports world, Davis has a few people that he is or is planning on interviewing for the head coaching job. Mr. Davis does not seem to be looking for a general manager either.

That does not bode well for Tom Cable returning as the head coach or for any continuity for the team. It just seems like more of a long drawn out soap opera approaching.

I have heard the names of the possible candidates and not one of them grabs me as a "SUPER COACH" type. They just seem to be the same ol' experiment type of coach that Al has been hiring since......ummmmm...forever...

Can't we just have an offseason of progress that makes sense? Some low-to-no drama moves that will instill confidence back into the players and staff?

The Raiders should have already hired Tim Brown somewhere on the staff, given Cable a two-year contract, and been working on getting the right offensive and defensive coordinators. That is all it takes to get this offseason started in the right direction...instead I sigh as I hear the circus music playing.

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