Cuba Gooding Jr. SportsCenter Video: Watch Actor's Uncensored A.I. Impression

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistJanuary 19, 2012

Cuba Gooding Jr. was on SportsCenter this morning with Linda Cohn to promote his new movie Red Tails.

Cohn asked Gooding Jr. if he would be willing to recreate some of the famous press conferences in sports history, from Mike Gundy and Herm Edwards to Allen Iverson.

And after turning Iverson into a Baptist preacher, Gooding Jr. let the following phrase slip before catching himself: "Rock out with your cock...oh, nevermind. It's a family show!"


It seems only fair to ask Gooding Jr. to recreate a few famous lines from history, seeing how at least 93.7 percent (all numbers approximated) of athletes shout "Show me the money!" at their agent every time they're up for a new contract.

Between Rob Lowe breaking NFL news and Cuba Gooding Jr. recreating famous press conferences, actors sure have made their impact in the sports world lately, huh?

I mean, what's next—porn stars posting pictures on Twitter wearing football uniforms?

Oh, right—been there, done that.


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