Tebow Time: Why the Hype Must End in the Next Two Months

Scotty McGrawCorrespondent IIIJanuary 18, 2012

Tebow Tebowing Against The Patriots
Tebow Tebowing Against The PatriotsJim Rogash/Getty Images

Tim Tebow has been the celebrity of the NFL this year. Period. NFL fans can't get enough of him: Tebowing, comebacks and his omnipresent faith.

But, the Broncos should be absolutely sick of all this hype because it is honestly holding the team back.

This season, the Broncos had a remarkable second-half surge after being stranded in the cloudy days of Kyle Orton for five gloomy weeks. Tebow played well enough for the Broncos to be crowned champions of the AFC West. But all the media and hype that is looming behind has to go.

If I were an NFL draft prospect, I would be a bit hesitant if Denver called my name on draft day. Tebow is undeniably a fantastic person, but his presence overshadows what this team has done together. Even though the Broncos unconventional but beloved quarterback is a team leader, role model and is as tough as a rhinoceros (he played last week against the Patriots with brutal injuries), Tebowmania takes a toll on the team.

Give loads of credit to the Broncos wide receivers—Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, Eddie Royal and Matthew Willis—because they have patiently waited for Tebow to grow and develop into an accurate, pro-style quarterback.

They are still waiting, but they should ask for more production and ball carrying. 

Tebow has improved immensely, and at a decent pace. He is in the right direction. But fans crave this irregular, almost rebellious quarterback style that is defying the NFL's passing revolution. Tebow needs to improve his pocket awareness and football vision so he can take steps toward becoming a true NFL passer.

Tebow Time is getting to be a hassle and even a con to visiting draft prospects. They want their fair share of attention, and with Tebowmania absorbing the media, it is unlikely that regard will be allocated evenly.