NBA Trade Rumors: Joe Dumars' Discipline Should Be Applauded by Pistons Fans

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IJanuary 18, 2012

Every NBA executive faces pressure from fans.

After all, fans want results, and they want them now.

But despite the Detroit Pistons starting off 3-11 this season, Pistons fans should be applauding team president Joe Dumars for his stance.

In an interview with editor Keith Langlois this week, Dumars touched on what his thinking is before the March 15 trade deadline.

Said Dumars, via

You’ll get some of those offers. But that’s where the discipline comes in. If what someone’s offering is not someone that’s going to be a part of your core going forward or it’s not a financial gain for us, then it really doesn’t make sense. That’s the discipline we’re going to stay with and continue forward with.

Dumars contends that he won't sacrifice pieces of the future for short-term gains. In other words, he's not going to jeopardize the master plan for a few more wins this season.

Said Dumars:

What you can’t do is allow any part of the season to force you to start thinking small. You always have to look at the big picture – where you’re going as a team, where you want to go as a team and how you’re going to get there. Even through the ups and downs of a tough season, you can’t lose focus, can’t panic, you can’t make a short-term move to try to win a few more games. You stick with your plan and you keep going.

Pistons fans may be frustrated right now, and for good reason. The Pistons haven't made the playoffs for the past two seasons and they're likely not going to this season.

But fans should also recognize that Dumars is employing the same philosophy as he did when he built the Pistons up to eventual champions after Grant Hill's departure in 2000. Using the same philosophy, Dumars constructed a champion within four years of Hill leaving for the Orlando Magic.

The wrong move would be to "panic," as Dumars says, and grasp for something that isn't realistically there right now. The Pistons wouldn't be a force in the playoffs even if they made it there this season.

Fans need to be patient with Dumars.

What's that saying again?

"Patience is a virtue."

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