Philadelphia Eagles: Defensive Coordinator Situation Still Not Clear

Giorgos KassakosAnalyst IJanuary 16, 2012

Eagles yet to announce their 2012 defensive coordinator.
Eagles yet to announce their 2012 defensive coordinator.Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are still working on the team’s staff for 2012. Juan Castillo’s future remains uncertain, but with Steve Spagnuolo exploring all his options, things look better for him now than a week ago.

Andy Reid has not broken his silence regarding the defensive coordinator spot or any other future moves. If there’s one thing I can tell, it’s that he is examining the situation in great detail. The 2011 campaign almost cost him his job and he knows he can’t afford another no-playoffs season.

The front office remains silent too. Howie Roseman, the team’s general manager, has been criticized too, despite the big names he brought to Philly six months ago. I don’t think he gets fired, but he is under the same pressure as Reid.

The Eagles are not in a hurry. They will decide everything when they feel they have the right answer for every question. The two major issues are DeSean Jackson and the 2012 defensive coordinator.

Les Bowen reported that Spagnuolo wants to take his time to decide. He also highlighted Atlanta and New Orleans as possible destinations for the St. Louis Rams’ ex-head coach. With the Saints losing Gregg Williams to the Rams, this doesn’t look like science fiction.

Castillo, on the other hand, is out of sight. The Minnesota Vikings may be interested in signing him, after Fred Pagac was relieved from his duties, but this scenario has not been confirmed.

With the Eagles are looking to built up for next season and not start from scratch, a limited number of personnel changes are expected. With every passing day, Castillo is more likely to remain as the team’s defensive coordinator. If not, I think he will be offered another job, since Reid holds him in high regard.