WWE Pay-Per-View: Predictions for the Royal Rumble

Amber Gibbs@ame_MaceyCorrespondent IIJanuary 15, 2012

WWE Pay-Per-View: Predictions for the Royal Rumble

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    With the Royal Rumble just weeks away, the WWE seems to be keeping its audience in the dark. The predictability of the score is not as easy as it has been in the previous years. For example, whenever John Cena had a title match, it was obvious he would win. This season, some of the superstars who hold championships may not make it to the Royal Rumble main card, i.e United States champion, Zack Ryder.

    There are matches that are already set, but the natures of these matches are still to be determined. One can only predict how these matches will come together and what the Royal Rumble will mean to WrestleMania.

Diva's Championship Match

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    Since the WWE Diva’s Championship has not been in action for a month now, there will probably be a quick match. Alicia Foxx has been doing well and so has Tamina, but because there is no real storyline and there is no designated No. 1 contender for the championship, Beth Phoenix will most likely retain her title.

Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust

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    For the last couple of months, Cody Rhodes has been disrespecting the Legends of the WWE. He stepped in the ring with Booker T several times and prevailed, which gave him more bragging rights to shoot on other WWE Superstars and Legends. Recently his brother, Goldust, has stepped in the picture. This storyline is basically about Cody Rhodes needing to learn respect for his elders.

    It’s highly doubtful that Cody will lose to Goldust. This may be only the second legend to confront Cody about his disrespect. The two will probably go back and forth but Cody will stand on top, adding to his ego and status in the WWE.

Masked Kane vs. John Cena

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    With John Cena being torn between hero and heel, inadvertently, masked Kane wants Cena to embrace the hate of the anti-Cenation fans; he’s also using Zack Ryder to get into Cena’s head. Though John looks a little disturbed he does not look broken, not yet at least. With the Rumble coming up, the WWE may give fans a hint in the direction of Cena’s character.

    If John Cena is heading to a heel, he will most likely lose the match with Kane. Without the encouragement of the fans behind him, it’ll be tough for him to deal with the Big Red Machine. Maybe this will give him the reason to finally give up on the fans, even though he has obligations in reality to the children. Turning heel may give the match with The Rock at WrestleMania 28 that extra something to get the crowd going. If Cena does triumph over Kane, he will still go into WrestleMania 28 hated by the anti-Cenation.

Triple Threat: Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry

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    Daniel Brian has been finding ways to keep his championship belt around his waist for the last month. In his first title defense he used a temperamental Mark Henry to get Big Show disqualified and then used his girlfriend, AJ, to cause a premature end to his second title defense.

    It seems like the self-proclaimed “fighting champion” is afraid of the big competition. With Mark Henry finally getting his match with Brian, there’s no doubt that Brian will find away to retain his title until the Rumble.

    With Daniel Brian finding every way in the book to avoid a solid fight against the championship contenders, the only sure way to end this spectacle he’s calling a title run is to make it a triple threat with no outside interference and no count outs. It’s only fair to give both guys a shot at the champ.  It’s too much to ask for a hell in the cell, but no interruptions or DQ’s will work too.

    Even with all those stipulations, Daniel Brian will still probably walk out of the Royal Rumble the champion. He is becoming the heel that makes skin crawl, so it’s only right to let him take his character to its limit.

Championship Match: CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler, John Laurinaitis Guest Referee

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    John Laurinaitis is a key component in the WWE Championship match. His latest storyline as the fair and just general manager of Monday Night Raw Super Show has led him to clash with WWE champion CM Punk. Every time that Laurinaitis attempts to “keep order,” he ends up seemingly screwing CM Punk out of his match. Laurinaitis’ last effort to maintain order resulted in Dolph Ziggler winning the No. 1 contender position for the WWE Championship.

    Laurinaitis is going to be the guest referee to make sure all regulations are met. This may prove to be a problem for CM Punk. It seems like Laurinaitis has a thing about spotting small problems and picking at them until CM Punk is distracted and loses the match. If John Laurinaitis is sabotaging CM Punk's championship reign, Dolph Ziggler has a better chance of pulling an upset and walking away the WWE champion.

    Maybe John Laurinaitis won’t be a problem after all. He has banned Vicki and Swagger from the ringside. Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk have had some awesome matches in the last few months, but The “Best in the World” has always beats out the heel. Perhaps Laurinaitis will keep the little things in order, such as using the outside of the ring as a weapon, untying the turnbuckle and using illegal moves. This would leave the match as a fair fight, and result in CM Punk remaining WWE champion.

The Royal Rumble Match: Y2J on Top

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    Two guys for sure will be doing double duty, Kane and Cody Rhodes. However, neither will walk out of the Royal Rumble as the No. 1 contender for WrestleMania. Seeing how Chris Jericho has not said a word since he returned to the WWE, the favorite to win the Rumble is Jericho. There have been a lot of rumors about a storyline with Jericho and CM Punk, so this would be the opportunity to put the works in motion. 

    Chris Jericho may speak his first words after winning the Rumble beginning the storyline or the fans may have to wait another month or so until Elimination Chamber to find out what he will do. But Chris Jericho will definitely have an impact on WrestleMania 28.

Two Big Questions About the Royal Rumble

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    Will the Rock Send a Pre-Taped Address to the WWE Fans and Cena?

    It seems like the Rock may want to get a jump on making this legend versus legend match interesting. Right now, Cena is tied up in a storyline with Kane. So what can The Rock do to engage the audience?


    Will the Undertaker Show Any Signs of Returning for WrestleMania?

    There have been a lot of rumors about the Undertaker’s return. He has missed WrestleManias in the past. Will WrestleMania 28 be another occasion that Taker takes a break?