WWE: The 10 Worst Botched, Blown, & Otherwise Screwed-Up Finishes Ever

Gone Baby GoneContributerJanuary 16, 2012

WWE: The 10 Worst Botched, Blown, & Otherwise Screwed-Up Finishes Ever

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    The WWE has been infamous for giving fans controversial scripted endings.

    However, it's the endings that weren't scripted that really make you go hmm.

    In some cases, it's the referees fault, while in others the wrestlers have either messed up their own finishing move or their opponent's.

    Either way, we as fans must remember that these men and women may be professionals, but they are also human. So even if they performed and rehearsed a situation over and over, it does not guarantee a botch-less match.

    Now, I am sure somewhere down the line, I have missed some of your favorite match-changing botches. If that's the case, feel free to share them in the comments section.

Jack Swagger Lifts His Shoulder and Still Gets Pinned

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    This just happened recently and definitely belongs here.

    Somewhere down the line, the referee forgot the Punk was not supposed to pin Swagger.

    Unfortunately, the overzealous referee dropped the three-count, even though Swagger clearly got his shoulder up. 

    This move caused some confusion in the ring and amongst fans. Surprisingly, the WWE addressed this issue on WWE.com, and Interim RAW GM John Laurinaitis granted Swagger a US title shot due to this miscue.

CM Punk Can't Get Kane to Go to Sleep

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    CM Punk is billed at 218 pounds while Kane is billed at 323 pounds.

    That is over 100 pounds difference in weight, not to mention an 8-inch height difference. So it's no wonder that Punk was barely able to lift Kane, let alone attempt his finisher.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not making excuses, just simply pointing out the facts. Even with this botched ending, Punk proved victorious.

Chavo Loses, Even Though Sin Cara Botches

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    This pay-per-view match was chock full of botches, mostly from Sin Cara.

    That's right, folks, in order to have seen this live from the comfort of your home, you had to shell out almost 50 bucks.

    Obviously ,this was not the headliner, nor should it have been a part of WWE's Over The Limit.

    Sadly, even though Chavo is the better wrestler, he fell victim to Sin Cara after several botched moves.

Even the Divas Can Botch

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    This match was between two of WWE's best women's wrestlers. Unfortunately, it looked like something that we would expect to see between Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox.

    Sadly, both Gail Kim and Mickie James must have just had a really off night. In the end, James got the win from a kick that completely missed Kim.

Jack Swagger Can't Pick Up Alex Riley

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    This could very well be one of the reasons Alex Riley is no longer on TV.

    At the conclusion of this match, Swagger attempted to hit Riley with the "gut-wrench power-bomb."

    Instead, Riley appeared to not only fight it but was seemingly dead weight for Swagger.

    Ultimately, Swagger would hit his finisher and score the win.

What Happens at a SmackDown Taping, No Longer Stays at a SmackDown Taping

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    Ah the beauty of being a taped show.

    Not only can you mess up, but you can mess up and re-do the spot all over again.

    That is until the invention of the video recordings via cell phone. This match was a "tables match" between John Morrison and Triple H. As we all know,  the objective is to throw your opponent through a table in order to win.

    Here you can see, Triple-H unsuccessfully attempted to throw John Morrison through a table. That miss never made TV, and instead the good people at home got to see the successful re-do.

Brock Lesnar Shooting Star Press

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    WrestleMania is considered "The Grandaddy of Them All."

    This is the Super Bowl of pro wrestling, and most times wrestlers plan to and are expected to go above and beyond.

    This was also the case for Brock Lesnar as he and Kurt Angle battled it out for the Unified WWE World Title. During that match, Lesnar took to the top rope for a Shooting Star Press, which he unsuccessfully landed.

    His landing was so bad, it ultimately caused him to have a concussion. Nonetheless, he got up and continued on, eventually beating Angle and winning the title.

Kofi Kingston Feels the Viper's Rage

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    Kofi Kingston was supposed to stay on the ground and suffer a punt at the hands of Randy Orton.

    Instead he stood up which led to an impromptu RKO. Causing Orton to flip out and call Kingston stupid.

    Ultimately, The Viper won and Kingston was made to look foolish.

Ricky Steamboat Misscue

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    Ricky Steamboat and Ravishing Rick Rude squared off at Royal Rumble in 1988.

    Rude appeared to have the match won, as Ricky Steamboat was unresponsive to the referee lifting his arm three times.

    It should be noted, before the tap out existed, to score a submission your opponent had to be unresponsive, after having his or her arm lifted three times.

    If the victim's arm fell three times, the match would end and the victor would win via submission.

    This was not the case here, as Steamboat would not only break and defy that rule, he would go on to win via DQ.

Owen Hart Piledriver Breaks Steve Austin's Neck

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin was slated for his first big push in the WWE.

    At SummerSlam 1997, Austin was supposed to win the Intercontinental title from Owen.

    Granted, this did come to fruition, but nowhere near the way it was scripted.

    Owen Hart unintentionally broke Austin's neck, causing one of the worst pinfalls in WWE history.