What The HELL Was Matt Millen Doing On TV?

Erik DianaCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

Dear NBC,

How in the holy hell can you have Matt Millen analyze anything on your air? As Joe Buck would say "We apologize for showing that on our air!" Shouldn't you do the same with Matt Millen?

Matt Millen being allowed on "your air" is more offensive than any nipple or fake mooning incident ever could be. It's really kind of obscenity if you think about it. I am a transplant Steelers fan that has to live close to the Motor City. You may not know this, but Detroit has had a lot of bad things happening lately.

The Big Three are hemorrhaging money and may not survive. If that happens, this part of the country will have its darkest day ever!

The Detroit Tigers were supposed to be the darlings of baseball at this time last year. In case you didn't know they finished in last place. The Royals had a better year than the Tigers.

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is in jail and the Lions became the first team EVER to go 0-16. The only thing that has gone right in Detroit was the Red Wings beat my beloved Penguins in the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals.

My point is: The fine people in Detroit have suffered enough. I know many people that were enraged to the point of swearing at their TV and turning the channel when he was on the screen. Do you really want someone like this on "your air" to analyze winning football?

And may I ask you what are the qualifications that Matt Millen brought to the TV screen? Couldn't ANYONE else bring the same skill set to the TV set? Do you really think anyone on set had any respect for NBC or Matt Millen the moment they found out he was arriving?

In case you forgot, Matt Millen was the architect of the first 0-16 team ever. He's lost all credibility. He has none, nada, zip credibility in being able to parlay information on winning football at this point in his career. Two of his first round draft choices aren't even in the NFL any longer. He's never had one good draft pick except for Calvin Johnson!

Joey Harrington, Roy Williams, Mike Williams, Ernie Simms and Co. are just repulsive! They're all busts. The jury is still out on Goster Cherilus. If you want to run a segment on how to ruin a franchise then Matt Millen is your guy! If you wanted to learn how to have your draft picks never pan out, Matt Millen should have a Ph. D!

I know Matt Millen played on winning football teams. But so did thousands of other ex-NFL players. Franco Harris has multiple Super Bowls and is available to my knowledge. Someone like a John Taylor or Roger Craig would be perfect from those amazing 49ers teams.

Matt Millen should be hiding in the same hole that Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are hiding in. He should not be on your air! If you have to put him on the air, let him wear a "Dunce" cap at all times. The man needs further humiliation for what he did. He doesn't need to be rewarded for his idiocy.

If I can boast about myself for a second, I have as much, maybe even more credibility than Matt Millen. I'm a Steelers fan, a negative one at that. I never raped and pillaged a franchise the way Matt Millen has. Never, never has there been one "Fire Erik Diana" banner strewn about at different Major League Baseball and National Hockey League games.

I also know that Matt Millen was an acclaimed analyst on TV before. So was O.J. Simpson! Why not have him analyze the different playoff games from his cell? Seriously, more people would take "The Juice" seriously than Matt Millen. Who wouldn't tune into to watch this? Actually, this may be an award-winning idea.

Lastly, do you realize the joke that Matt Millen has made himself and the Detroit Lions around your studios? There's no way in hell that Jerome Bettis, Tiki Barber, Bob Costas, Peter King, Chris Collinsworth, Dan Patrick, and Keith Olbermann can look this guy in the face.

Please do the right thing and have "Fire Millen" signs around the studio before you fire Matt Millen! I just hope it won't take seven years to do so.