Orlando Magic: Breaking Down the Available Trade Assets on the Roster

Matt PasterCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2012

Orlando Magic: Breaking Down the Available Trade Assets on the Roster

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    The Orlando Magic have been involved in several trade scenarios that mainly concern "you know who."

    They are winning now and can beat most teams in this league. Perhaps they need a piece or two to put them over the top.

    I'd like to break down a few of the trade assets that the Magic have to offer. They are currently first place in their division, but they may be inclined to bring in a piece or two to keep a certain superstar in The City Beautiful.

Jason Richardson

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    Jason Richardson’s only trade value right now would come from a team that would gamble on how he used to play.

    He has been a disappointment this season and looks to be a poor fit in Stan Van Gundy’s offensive scheme.

    Perhaps a change of scenery would do him well. He would be a better fit on a team that runs like the Phoenix Suns or Golden State Warriors.

    Unfortunately, the Magic and the Bulls were the only teams showing any serious interest in Richardson over the offseason, and the Bulls aren't buying.

    Trade value: C-

Quentin Richardson

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    Quentin Richardson is out with a self-inflicted burnt foot at the moment, but even if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t see much action anyways. He has been a cheerleader for the Magic, averaging only 16 minutes per game since he was signed.

    A career 27-minute-per-game contributor, his value would be higher on a team that needs some fiery veteran presence on the floor—not on the bench.

    Trade Value: C+

J.J. Redick

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    J.J. Redick has been waiting to break out since being drafted by the Orlando Magic in 2006. He has averaged 12.2 points per game this season as a backup.

    If J.J. landed on a team that needed a starting shooting guard, his potential of 17.7 points per 36 minutes may be realized. With a non-guaranteed salary next season, he could be traded to a team looking to shed some salary as well.

    Trade Value: B+

Ryan Anderson

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    Ryan Anderson has averaged 17.7 points and 7.7 rebounds per game in this breakout season as a starter.

    He is arguably the team's second-best player right now and is making $2.2 million this season. Dollar for dollar, he is the best the Magic have.

    Anderson is the most tradeable player besides Howard and would certainly be a focal point in any trade that would help bring one of Dwight's desired playmates.

    Trade Value: A

Dwight Howard

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    All the previous players would be useful trade pieces in bringing talent to keep Dwight Howard in Orlando.

    If that doesn't happen and all else fails, he is the biggest star on the trade market as of the writing of this article. Any team would want him on their roster, but the Magic are handcuffed by his "wish list."

    Certainly, the Magic could never get an equal-value player in exchange for him because, quite frankly, there aren't many out there.

    All the players that could offer production comparable to Dwight's are franchise players who are content with their teams. The Magic will not receive equal value for Dwight if they trade him.

    Trade Value: Out of this world