WWE Superstars' 10 Best TV Talk-Show Appearances

Rob Manisero@robmaniCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2012

WWE Superstars' 10 Best TV Talk-Show Appearances

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    Every once in awhile, the WWE will use the late-night talk shows to help draw a bigger audience. Usually this occurs around a big event in the company, such as WrestleMania.

    These appearances are something the company should do more often. Not only does it help the superstars gain more exposure to the public, it also lets the WWE fans see these guys in a different light.

    On top of all this, their appearances are usually pretty hysterical. In this slideshow you will find a fake mouse, some karaoke, and a good old pillow fight. Try and guess who the pillow fight involves. Chances are it is not a name you are thinking of right now.

    Let's get started.

10) The Miz on Lopez Tonight

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    Although Lopez Tonight got cancelled due to low viewership, the show had a number of WWE superstars on the show as guests. Because of that, this will not be the last time you see George Lopez.

    Coming in at #10 is The Miz with his rendition of "Jump Around." Actually, he does a pretty damn good job at it, showing skills that most of us did not think he had. 

    Lopez had a full week of karaoke featuring WWE superstars. Although they missed this list, check out R-Truth singing "Kryptonite" and Dolph Ziggler performing "I'm Too Sexy."

    Yeah, that happened.

9) The Rock on Conan O'Brien

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    This appearance isn't for the interview, but rather one segment of it that I found quite hysterical. There is not much I can say about it, so just watch how everyone on the Conan set reacts to a mouse in the studio.

8) John Cena on Jimmy Kimmel

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    Before John Cena became the superhero that we all know and love, he had a much better gimmick that helped get him over with the fans.

    Cena appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to talk a little about the WWE's trip to Afghanistan and other things, such as watching Stacy Keibler on Dancing With The Stars.

    He also took his shirt off for a few screaming fans in the audience. Take this as a warning for the guys and a "GO AHEAD, PLAY THE VIDEO" for the women.

7) Triple H on Jimmy Kimmel

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    Chances are Jimmy Kimmel had plenty more questions he wanted to ask HHH before time expired in this segment. Unfortunately, a little kid ruined those plans.

    Trips appeared on JKL to promote his upcoming Hell in a Cell match against Kevin Nash. Alex, however, had different ideas. He spent the majority of the segment beating the crap out of The Game's right arm, because—just like any four year old—I don't think he really cared about what Trips had to say.

    Nonetheless, it was an entertaining interview involving a little kid talking more trash to Triple H than some wrestlers ever could.

6) The Rock on Lopez Tonight

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    Just last year, The Rock appeared on Lopez Tonight to talk a little bit about his college football career and his return to wrestling.

    The People's Champ emphasizes his passion for the business, citing the atmosphere of the crowd as something only the WWE can truly achieve. You can see and appreciate just how much he enjoys entertaining the fans.

    Things get a bit weird at the end as Rock and Lopez decide to celebrate 4-20 in a way you probably never considered. Or anyone, for that matter.

5) The Miz on Conan

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    The Ginga Ninja.

    That is the nickname the Miz came up with when he visited Conan this past year. Displaying the WWE title proudly, the Miz gave Conan a hardcore nickname and a nice little catchphrase to go along as well.

    Conan is one of the late-night talk show hosts that really enjoys having wrestlers on his programs, and he had plenty of fun with the Miz, trading barbs with him and trying out the WWE title around his waist before sadly pulling his groin.

    A more recent appearance on Conan was by Sheamus, who was nice enough to kick Conan's head off. Look it up on YouTube to check out the video, which narrowly missed the list.

4) Chris Jericho on Lopez Tonight

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    Unfortunately, there was a time in this business when David Arquette held a major wrestling championship (WWC title according to Lopez). When Jericho appears, it seems that he might finally get a little redemption for all of the fans.

    What ensues isn't exactly what you would expect. They do go one-on-one, and Jericho does win, but no punches were thrown.

    Check out the video to see some vocal skills on Arquette and Jericho. Maybe the word skills shouldn't be thrown around, but it is still very damn entertaining.

    This also includes an interesting tribute to Macho Man by the former WCW champ.

3) Undertaker on Jimmy Kimmel

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    Remember that pillow fight I mentioned in the introduction slide? Well if you guessed the Undertaker, celebrate, because you just guessed correctly.

    Taker took it somewhat likely, since I don't think killing someone on TV is the kind of publicity he wants. In the interview beforehand, Taker showed a humorous side of him that we do not get to see on WWE programming due to his gimmick.

    Although this interview occurred when the Undertaker was the American Bad-Ass, it was still a different speed than the intense man on Raw every week.

    Good news: Cousin Sal lived another day.

2) Stone Cold Steve Austin on Conan O'Brien

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    The whole interview cannot be found on YouTube, but luckily for us, the funniest part of it is right here.

    My first question is this: Do you think Stone Cold has a book of Jewel's poems in his ranch? He probably keeps it right next to his BSR Title Belt.

    Nonetheless, Conan persuaded Stone Cold (it didn't take a whole lot of convincing) to show a more vulnerable side of the Rattlesnake by reading aloud a poem from Jewel. This segment showcases Austin's range of abilities, as he could be both the intense ass-kicking machine or a humorous individual.

    Conan seemed impressed with how well Stone Cold delivered his lines.

    Oh, and don't laugh at the Rattlesnake. He's coming after you.

1) CM Punk on Jimmy Kimmel

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    CM Punk was the WWE Champion, and he was not even under contract with the company.

    The time period around the Money in the Bank PPV is when CM Punk the superstar was born. He had the title and could do anything he wanted with it.

    Unfortunately, this suspense only lasted a week, since he returned to Raw much sooner than what was necessary. In his short time running free, he attended a Cubs game with the belt (sorry, championship title) and made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

    Check out the video and watch this great skit between Punk and Archie.



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