Saints vs. 49ers Video: Watch Donte Whitner Jack Up Pierre Thomas for Fumble

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New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas got his world rocked by San Francisco's Donte Whitner.

That may be putting it lightly to be quite honest. It was a huge hit, and it led to a very big turnover.

The Saints were driving well their first time out, and, at the very least, looked like they were going to at least snag three points.

Knowing the Saints and their high-powered Drew Brees-led offense though, they were most likely going to find a way to punch it in.

On third down, Brees found Thomas open down-field right in front of the first-down marker and end zone, and it looked like he may have had room to make a move or two.

Before he could even consider a move though, Whitner stepped up and laid down the hammer.

Once again, that may be putting it lightly.

Whitner stopped Thomas dead in his tracks, and he actually may have knocked him out according to Saints beat writer Jeff Duncan.

Duncan later tweeted it appears Thomas' day is done, which is a huge blow for the Saints.

Before this game if you would have asked me what I'd prefer from my NFL team, I'd tell you that in today's NFL I'd take offense over defense any day of the week.

It's plays like this that go a long ways in debunking that preference though.

They say that defense wins championships, and it looks like the 49ers are determined to prove that cliche true.

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