Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Win the Super Bowl

Jess RamirezContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles were considered dead just a week ago. Now they're on their way to yet another divisional playoff game.

The odds of making the playoffs were against them. A week ago, they had to hope and pray that one of the worst teams in all the AFC (the Raiders) would take down a potential playoff contender (Tampa Bay) ON THE ROAD. It happened.

Then they had to hope and pray that the lowly Texans would be able to put up enough points on the potentially playoff bound Bears for a win. It happened.

Then they had to take on the preseason Super Bowl favorite Dallas Cowboys. A team that has owned Philly the last few games, and nothing short of a win would get them in. Guess what? It happened. 

The Eagles will win the Super Bowl and here's why: The defense will continue to come up big. The last two weeks, they have been matched up against two of the NFC's top offenses.

They forced five fumbles en route to completely shutting down the Dallas Cowboys' notoriously high powered offense and keeping them under 10 points for the first time all season. Two of those fumbles were forced by Brian Dawkins who is the heart and soul and the Eagle Defense and means as much to them as Bob Sanders means to the Colts.

Then in the opening round of the playoffs at Minnesota, they have to go against regular season rushing champ, Adrian Peterson. They kept AP to only one big run all game, and completely shut him down in the second half.

He wasn't able to get a rush longer than 10 yards all game, with the exception being the 40 yd TD. Next week they play a New York Giants offense that just hasn't been the same ever since Plaxico Burress was arrested earlier in the season.

Reason No. 2: Donovan McNabb. Since he was benched against the Ravens in week 12, he has played like the quarterback Eagle fans want him to be. He has thrown for 10 TDs and only two INTs since the Baltimore game, and is playing with the same energy and excitement as he did in the 2004-05 Super Bowl season.

His ability to get everyone in the offense involved is his strength. The Eagles have no outright No. 1 receiver. The leading receiver this year has been rookie DeSean Jackson, and today against the Vikings he got everyone going as Brent Celek, Jason Avant, and Kevin Curtis all had at least five receptions for 45 yards.

Not to mention the fact that running game had been non-existent today so he was forced to step up and make big throws, especially when they he had to pass from his own end-zone twice in the second half.

With that said, the Eagles will win the Super Bowl because they aren't supposed to. Just like they weren't supposed even make it this far. But they will define all odds if #20 and #5 have anything to say about it.