Tampa Bay Buccaneers Get the Bum's Rush from Bum's Son

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IJanuary 13, 2012

Wade Phillips did the smart thing and just said "no thanks."
Wade Phillips did the smart thing and just said "no thanks."Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Perhaps Wade Phillips pulled out the game video from last year's Texans-Buccaneers game.

Perhaps he considered his latest health issues and agreed with former Buccaneer Tony Mayberry: Who needs this kind of stress?

Whatever it might be, there's one less old-guy candidate for the vacant Buccaneers coaching position and it's no stretch that the son of Bum probably figured out that Mark Dominik and the Glazers simply may have wanted to pick his mind for ideas and that's something 1 Buccaneer Place has been devoid of for a while—good ideas.

Phillips now joins a number of scratches from the vacant warden position. Jeff Fisher's still trying to hold up both St. Louis and Miami, Mike Mularkey's the new boss in Jacksonville. Also Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin is dealing with the tragic accident that killed his son—he won't be going anywhere.

There are whispers of the name Mike Zimmer, defensive coordinator in Cincinnati and while the Bengals have been eliminated from the playoffs and he has plenty of time to interview, he hasn't, at least not as far as anyone is aware.

Teams still alive and kicking: Green Bay, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York in the NFC, Denver, New England, Houston and Baltimore in the AFC.

Is there someone stowed away on one of those staffs who could the the apple of the Bucs' collective eyes?

You wonder if Dominik has a "draft board" on the wall of his office, covered with a cloak, revealed only when he and the Glazers stare at it.

The modus-operendi of the Glazers is covert action.

Which means hopefully it is not one of those guys who's been bantered all over the world of electronic media, guys like Mike Sherman, Marty Schottenheimer, etc. etc.

For the time being, we can simply distract ourselves for the weekend and get caught up in Tebowmania for a few hours.

Too bad Tim Tebow's not 62 years old.

The Bucs could just go ahead and hire him. 


Author update: The Bucs have asked and received permission from the Bengals to interview Mike Zimmer as well as Carolina offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.