WWE Fantasy: Raw 1/16/12

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IJanuary 15, 2012

WWE Fantasy: Raw 1/16/12

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    Hey folks and welcome to this edition of Fantasy Raw.

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    Now onto the show...

    The intro rolls and we are ready for Monday Night Raw!!

Opening Segment

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    Rey Mysterio comes out to start the show and he gets a pretty good reaction from the fans. He has a stern look on his face and immediately grabs a mic.

    Rey: At New Year's Revolution, Randy Orton became world heavyweight champion. I was robbed of my opportunity because of a two-on-one assault at the hands of Sheamus and Wade Barrett. I demand I get my rematch for the world title and I want it tonight!

    At that moment, Randy Orton's theme song hits, and the crowd goes crazy as Orton comes out with a microphone.

    Randy: In case you didn't realize, I also had to go up against a two-on-one assault. However, instead of complaining, I faced it head on. I fought against the odds and walked out of the chamber as world heavyweight champion.

    Rey: Maybe you are having a hard time remembering things after losing to Tyler Black last week. After eliminating me, Barrett and Sheamus' alliance imploded. They weakened each other and you just came in to pick up the scraps. You call yourself a champion, but you are nothing more than a coward.

    Orton: Listen, I won't stand here and listen to you run your mouth, Rey. I consider myself a fighting champion, and you will not get away with disrespecting me. Tonight, it will be Randy Orton versus Rey Mysterio for the world heavyweight title!

Opening Segment (Cont.)

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    Jerry Lawler: Ladies and gentlemen, I have received an email from the anonymous Raw general manager.

    Raw GM: Rey, you will be facing Randy Orton tonight for the world heavyweight title. However, this is your last shot, Rey. If you lose, no more excuses and no more rematches. It's now or never! 

    Rey was turned towards Jerry on the outside, and when he turns back around, he is met with an RKO from Randy. Orton picks up his mic. 

    Randy: Your run at the top is over, Mysterio. The Age of Orton is back and in full swing. Tonight, I will destroy you and seal it with a punt to the skull. You'll be lucky if you even make it to the Royal Rumble. 

    Orton slides out of the ring and heads back up the entrance ramp as Rey tries to get to his feet.

Match No. 1: Mason Ryan and Will Regal vs. Joe Hennig and David Otunga

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    Otunga comes out first and he is alone. He grabs a mic. Unfortunately, my partner was unable to make it tonight. Therefore, I refuse to compete tonight. I...

    Will Regal's music hits and he comes out with Mason Ryan.

    Will: David, there is no backing out now. This match is final. Tonight, Mason and I will make an example out of you, proving that the Empire Alliance is as strong as ever!


    Jerry: The anonymous Raw general manager has sent an email.

    GM: David, you will be competing tonight. But not in a handicap match. You will face Regal one-on-one with Mason Ryan at ringside. Best of luck.

    Regal is frustrated but nonetheless gets in the ring. The bell rings and the two men lock up.

    Will immediately connects with a knee to the gut. Regal then follows it up with an arm-trap suplex. Still in control, he connects with a butterfly suplex, sending Otunga crashing to the canvas. When David gets up, Will goes for a clothesline, but Otunga ducks and hits a neck breaker. He goes for the cover. One...two...kickout.

    David continues his assault, tossing Regal into the corner, and connecting with a few shoulder blocks. Will drops down, setting David up for a running knee to the head. Otunga is in control and drags Will back into the middle of the ring. David tries to follow up with a powerslam, but Regal wiggles out and immediately rolls out of the ring for a breather. David taunts Regal as we head to a commercial break.

Match No. 1: Will Regal vs. David Otunga (cont.)

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    When we return, David is still in control, hitting a suplex and going for another pin.

    One...two...kick out.

    David is frustrated but doesn't stop his offense. He goes into the corner and signals for his finishing move, The Verdict. He gets Regal up, but Will slips out and hits a hard clothesline. Regal then locks in his patented Regal Stretch. David has nowhere to go, eventually tapping out.


    Regal immediately grabs a mic.

    Will: Since New Year's Revolution, I have heard rumors that the Empire Alliance has disbanded. Well, I am here to tell you that those are nothing but lies. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger,' and the Empire Alliance is at the top of its game. Together, we are the most powerful force in the WWE, and I proved it once again tonight.

Match No. 2: Kelly Kelly and Melina vs. Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn

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    K2 and Melina come out first to a good reaction, and are followed by Beth and Kaitlyn. Melina and Kaitlyn start in the ring. The bell rings and the match is underway.

    Melina immediately goes on the attack, hitting a high-impact lariat. Kaitlyn gets up but is sent right back to the canvas with a Savate Kick from Melina. As Kaitlyn pulls herself up, Melina gets on the second rope. When Kaitlyn turns around, Melina nails a diving seated senton pin.

    The cover: 1...2...kick out.

    Instead of arguing, Melina drags Kaitlyn into the corner and makes the tag to Kelly. Melina holds Kaitlyn in the corner, as K2 connects with a handspring back elbow. Kelly sees the opportunity and climbs to the top rope. She connects with a cross body, but Kaitlyn rolls through and makes the pin.

    One...2...kick out.

    Both women get up at the same time. Kelly runs at Kaitlyn but is hit with a huge spine buster. Kaitlyn immediately makes the tag to Phoenix. Beth picks up Kelly and hits a shoulder back breaker, followed by a fisherman's suplex. She goes for the cover.

    One...2...kick out!

    Beth is extremely upset and begins to argue with the ref, giving Kelly time to get up. When Phoenix turns around, Kelly hits a hard kick to the gut and goes for K2. However, Beth rolls out and hits a huge Glammer Hammer. She quickly grabs Kelly and nails the Glam Slam. Melina tries to run in but is sent down by a clothesline from Kaitlyn. Beth makes the pin, 1...2...3!!!


    Beth and Kaitlyn celebrate yet another victory as Melina tries to help Kelly to her feet. 

Promo No. 1: Backstage with Rey Mysterio

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    Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Rey Mysterio.

    Todd: Later tonight, you will be facing Randy Orton, and if you lose, you will not get a rematch for the world title. What is going through your mind right now?

    Rey: I am not worried at all, Josh. I will go out there and do whatever it takes. I have been down and out before, but I always come back. Tonight I will win back what I never should have lost.

    Todd: After the RKO earlier in the night, does Randy have the psychological advantage?

    Rey: Earlier, Randy attacked me from behind. It was the same circumstances at the Elimination Chamber. He doesn't deserve that title around his waist. I should still be world heavyweight champion and I will not stop fighting until I am back on top.

    Todd: Thanks for your time, Rey.

    Rey: No Problem, Josh.

Match No. 3: Kane vs. Alex Riley

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    Alex Riley comes out first to a pretty positive reaction. Kane is out afterwards, and he looks as intimidating as ever. The bell rings and the match is underway.

    Kane goes right after Riley, hitting repeated uppercuts. Kane throws Riley off the ropes and connects with a big boot to the head. Riley gets into the sitting position, but is sent back down by a dropkick from Kane. The Big Red Monster then follows it up with a sidewalk slam. When Riley gets up, Kane nails a chokeslam. Instead of going for the pin, Kane picks Alex up and hits a Tombstone Piledriver. He makes the cover.



    Kane quickly climbs out of the ring and walks up the entrance ramp without looking back. 

Promo No. 2: Chris Masters in the Ring

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    Chris Masters comes out to a mixed reaction and grabs a microphone.

    Chris: Listen, I am issuing an open challenge to whoever is behind those mysterious vignettes. I am sick of you hiding, instead of facing me like a man. I don't care who you are or want you want. All I care about is whooping your a---


    Anonymous gm: In due time you will discover the man in which you loath. And you shall be greeted by pain and agony!

    Chris has a scared expression on his face and he hustles back to the locker room.

Match No. 4: Skip Sheffield vs Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre and Layla come out first to a parade of boos. Skip Sheffield follows them up and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. The bell rings and the match begins. 

    Drew stars out on offense with a European Uppercut, followed up with a clothesline. Skip gets up, but gets nailed with a double knee arm breaker for Drew. Sheffield gets up and tries to hit a clothesline but is reversed into a tilt-a-whirl gut buster. Drew goes for the pin.

    One...2...kick out!

    McIntyre then goes for a big boot, but Sheffield avoids it and hits a double axe handle. Drew gets up, but Skips connect with a huge belly-to-belly suplex. Sheffield follows it up with a vertical gourd buster and a pin.

    One...2...kick out!

    Skip seems a bit shocked but continues his attack. He bounces off the ropes and hits a big splash on Drew, followed by another pin attempt.

    One...2... kick out!

    Sheffield is visibly pissed, yet he is able to stay calm and backs up into the corner, preparing for a clothesline from hell. However, Layla gets up on the apron and distracts Skip. When Sheffield turns back around, he is met with a running knee, followed by a Scot Drop. Instead of going for the pin, Drew picks Skip up and hits Future Shock. McIntyre makes the cover.



    Drew and Layla are celebrating when suddenly Shelton Benjamin's theme hits. Shelton runs down to the ring and pummels Drew with punches. When McIntyre gets up, he is hit with Pay Dirt from Shelton. Benjamin takes the U.S. title and holds it up over his head before leaving the ring.

Match No.5: Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

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    Sheamus comes out first and is booed like crazy. The World's Strongest Man is out next, and he is still pissed from the interference last week by a masked man. The bell rings and the match begins.

    Mark starts out hitting a couple of clotheslines. When Sheamus gets up, Henry hits him with a fallaway slam. Mark then follows it up with a military press drop. Mark drags Sheamus near his corner, and goes for a corner slingshot splash, but the Celtic Warrior moves out of the way. Sheamus grabs Henry and hits numerous chest bumps. Sheamus then follows it up with a Chancery Backbreaker and a pin.

    One...2...kick out!!!

    Sheamus is frustrated but continues to work. He gets up on the top rope and goes for a shoulder block, but Mark catches him and locks in a bear-hug submission. It seems as if Sheamus is going to tap, but a masked man suddenly runs out of the crowd and jumps up on the apron. Henry lets go of Sheamus and tries to knock this mysterious man off the apron. However, the masked man moves out of the way just in time. When Henry turns around, he is met with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior makes the pin.



    The masked man climbs into the ring and celebrates with Sheamus. The man then pulls of his mask and reveals his identity. It's Vladimir Kozlov!!

    Mark Henry finally gets back to his feet, but Vlad hits a running head butt. Mark writhes in pain as Sheamus and Vlad climb out of the ring. 

Main Event: Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio for World Heavyweight Title

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    Tonight's main event is for the world heavyweight title! Rey Mysterio comes out to a pretty good pop. Randy Orton comes out next and he also gets cheered. The bell rings and the match is underway.

    Rey starts out hitting a dropkick to Randy's knee, followed by another dropkick, this time to the head. Orton get back up quickly but is hit with a 360 DDT from Mysterio. Rey then gets on the apron near the turnbuckle and connects with a springboard double jump arabian press moonsault followed by a pin.

    One...2...kick out!

    Rey doesn't stop the offense, going up on the top rope and hitting a diving hurricanrana. When Randy stands up, Mysterio hits a roll-up hurricanrana to the outside. Rey stays in the ring but not for long. When Orton gets back to his feet, Mysterio hits a suicide somersault sexton. Rey drags Randy back into the ring and goes for another pin.

    One...2...kick out!

    Rey gets up on the top rope and when Orton stands, goes for a cross body. However, Randy counters it into a huge drop kick. He goes for the pin.

    One...2...kick out.

    Both men are down and out. They rise at the same time and Rey goes for a clothesline, but Randy ducks and hits an inverted headlock backbreaker. He then picks Mysterio up and hits a gut wrench lift elevated neckbreaker and goes for the pin.

    One...2...kick out!

    Orton then goes for a wheelbarrow suplex, but Rey reverses it into a wheelbarrow bulldog. Rey then gets up on the top rope and goes for a diving splash, but Orton moves. Randy is in control and signals for an RKO. When Rey rises to his feet, Orton goes for it, but Rey pushes him off and nails a tilt-a-whirl inverted DDT. Rey is on fire and gets on the apron. When Randy stands, Rey hits a springboard corkscrew sexton, followed by a cover.

    One...2...kick out!

Main Event: Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton for World Heavyweight Title (Cont.)

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    Rey is shocked but continues his offense. When Orton gets up, Rey hits La Mistica into an arm bar submission. Orton writhes in pain as he tries to reach the ropes. It seems as Orton is about to tap out, but he is able to reach the ropes in time, forcing Rey to let go.

    Mysterio then goes for a standing moonsault, but Orton puts his knees in the way. Randy then drops repeated knees on Mysterio's skull. When Rey stands, Orton hits an O-Zone and makes the cover.

    One...2...kick out! 

    Randy is visibly pissed off and begins arguing with the ref. When he turns around, Mysterio is just getting up and Orton runs at him for a clothesline. However, Rey reverses with a drop toe hold, landing Randy on the second rope. Rey dials up the 619 and connects! When Orton stands, Rey goes for West Coast Pop but is reversed into a RKO!! Randy makes the pin.



    Randy takes a while to stand but eventually gets to his feet. He grabs his world title and celebrates and Rey Mysterio is tended to by the referee.


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    Hope you enjoyed this edition of Monday Night Raw. 

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