MLB Prospects, Part Two: I'm Not Reinventing the Wheel Here

Brandon HeikoopSenior Analyst IFebruary 20, 2008

"Some days, we're ripped and town away. From the shore, and tossed to a watery grave. Set adrift, and the depths in the hands of the gods we curse."
- Chuck Ragan 'The Boat'

In the first of a three part series, I defined what makes a prospect. Part Two will take a look at the top prospect by organization. Part Three will discuss the top ten prospects in all of baseball.

The ‘Lets Give Hope to Everyone’ List

Diamondbacks – M. Scherzer (RHP) Love the strikeouts hate the control, watch him dominate out of the pen for years to come.

Braves – J. Schafer (OF) Young and no road blocks ahead. How about 74 extra base hits in 2007?

Orioles – M. Wieters (C) Should be the O’s Opening Day catcher in 2010. And immediately a solid one.

Red Sox – C. Buchholz (RHP)

Cubs – J. Ceda (RHP) If he can harness his stuff, watch out!

White Sox – J. Shelby (OF) Displayed some solid power at a low level while being old.

Reds – J. Bruce (OF)

Indians – C. Lofgren (LHP) I will go at length about Lofgren in my Indians top 5. Short answer, lefty with stuff.

Rockies – F. Morales (LHP) Unfortunately he plays for the Rockies and has gotten worse. I think 2007 was an anomaly.

Tigers – R. Porcello (RHP) Rated as having plus stuff all over the place and should have been the second pitcher taken. People who argue for a salary cap should start at the draft.

Marlins – C. Maybin (OF) Toolsy with a nice walk rate. The Tigers will be wishing they did not trade for Cabrera in 2 or 3 years.

Astros – J. Towles (C) The Astros actually have no one worth mentioning. This is a pathetic system and Towles would be a marginal prospect in any other system.

Royals – L. Hochevar (RHP)/M. Moustakas (3B) This is Hochevar’s make or break year. Most have already written him off but I feel as though he is worth a shot. Moustakas is all hype right now.

Angels of – N. Adenhart (RHP) I have given up on Angels prospects and so should you. Somehow he rates as a five star by Goldstein.

Dodges – C. Kershaw (LHP)

Twins – D. Guerra (RHP) I had Swarzak here pre-trade. I still like Swarzak, but something about Guerra smells like Liriano. The good parts. 2008 should be the season the 19 year old takes serious strides.

Mets – F. Martinez (OF) The Mets are starting to be the Mariners of the National League. Why are they rushing these prospects before they master the appropriate level? I see developing into a Mike Cameron-this is not a bad thing.

Yankees – J. Tabata (OF)

Athletics – D. Barton (1B)

Phillies – C. Carrasco (RHP) Yet another pathetically shallow organization. Carrasco might not even make the Phillies top 10 list entering 2009. Mediocre stuff, nice control, another maybe pick.

Pirates – A. McCutchen (OF) Far and away the most exciting prospect the Pirates have seen in a long time. I thought about using Pearce but went with McCutchen as a poor mans Tabata/Martinez.

Padres – C. Headley (3B) His future is in a pitchers park however his high on base skills creates interest and intrigue. Being more athletic then Kouzmanoff the Padres should just move him to the outfield right now.

Giants – A. Villalona (3B) Everybody loves him. Although he is yet to be a legal adult, has power promise and should be the face of the Giants before he is legal to drink.

Mariners – J. Clement (C)

Cardinals – C. Rasmus (OF)

Rays – E. Longoria (3B)

Rangers – E. Andrus (SS) One of the most promising prospects entering the 2007 season, Andrus is a guy who really turned it on after he was traded to the Rangers. This kid will be something special sometime soon.

Blue Jays – T. Snider (OF)

Nationals - C. Marrero (1B) Despite having a weak minor league resume, I believe his power is legit and he will be a league leader in home runs for Washington before his 25th birthday.

Stay tuned for Part Three which will look at the top 10 prospects in all of baseball.


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